Anne’s Story, Issue 1



The comic starts with the scene where Murphy Pendleton and Anne Cunningham exchange words for the first time across a tear in the mountain side, not too far from the prison transfer bus that was crashed. Anne’s journey begins as soon as she falls to what Murphy thought was her death and down a rabbit hole made of her own nightmares.


As she was about to fall from the tear of a mountain, she began to think of her memories. At the same time, she sees Murphy Pendleton as a Bogeyman. After she fell, in which she expected her death, she awakes at the bottom of the ravine, where she saw the dead prison bus driver.

The bus driver, thought to be dead, was awakened for a brief amount of time, before he actually died as he tried to approach Anne. That was when she thought to have saw Willis running into a cave. As she went into the cave, she saw a bloody wheelchair, which reminded her memories of her father.

The ‘cave’ she entered turned out to be a bathroom, in which an opening suddenly appears in front of her. A shower suddenly opens, which showers blood instead of water. As Anne proceeded through the opening, the Wheelman was seen looking at her.

The opening led her to the Devil’s Pit, where she saw a man who resembles Murphy beating a man with a stick. She tried to catch him, but it turned out to be Freddie Gates, one of the prisoners that was on the transfer. However, as Freddie tried to kill her with a pistol, a Weeping Bat killed him gruesomely.

J.P. Sater called her to ride on the train to escape from the creature. As she sits, she saw the eight children who died at an accident. She questions Sater if he was the one who caused it, but he insisted that it was a lie. Her vision suddenly became horrific as she hallucinated the children asking Sater for “another ride”, other than the Bogeyman and some Tormented Souls. The comic ends with Anne finding herself alone in an empty train after the hallucination, where she saw Murphy wandering around and tried to freeze him.


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