Anne’s Story, Issue 2



The comic begins after Anne met up with Murphy for the second time in Devil’s Pit, but from Anne’s point of view.


As Anne found Murphy Pendleton wandering around Devil’s Pit, she found a police badge in his clothes which reminded her of her Father. As she tried to shoot him, she resisted to do so, and asked him leave her alone.

As he did so, Anne, still remain motionless, had a flashback when she was arguing with her husband, Mark Cunningham about herself who could not care about her father who was in a vegetative state. He suggested that Frank should be placed in a nursing home. She rejected and replied that she could take care of him.

After the flashback, she saw her “dad”, which was the Wheelman, the manifestation of her father’s memories, together with a Nurse. As Anne approached them, the Nurse stabbed at her.

She experienced another flashback, but with the moment before she was hired to Ryall State Prison. However, the Warden, wanted to have a “sexual affair” with her, which she hesitantly refused.

As she “awakened” from the flashbacks, her vision became horrific as Devil’s Pit shifts into the Otherworld. Behind her was a monster which possibly represents the Warden’s sexual nature. She ran away from it and again, approached the Wheelman, which she told “him” that she was good and sobbed, lying on the floor. At that time, the world instantly shifts back to the Fog World and what shocked her was Howard Blackwood who was suddenly beside her.

As she looked around, what she realized that she was now in the town of Silent Hill. Howard told her that he knew all about the bus crash because of Murphy who told him. He also told her that he was going to the radio station in the Centennial Building, other than to be cautious about the “rain” which was about to come. Before Anne could ask him further, he disappeared.

Anne then heads to the radio station, which foreshadowed her third encounter with Murphy, together with Bobby Ricks


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