Dying Inside Part 2


Dying Inside, Issue 2 is the second part of IDW’s Dying Inside miniseries. Issue 2 continues the story of Troy Abernathy and his patient Lynn DeAngelis as the pair attempt to escape the dark streets of Silent Hill, and the malevolent force of Christabella LaRoache.


Recognizing the girl in white, Lynn decides to simply walk out of Silent Hill and leave the abandoned town behind. Christabella finds this hilarious, but has no intention of letting the girl go and emphasizes her point by having one of the many tentacled mouths attack Lynn. She then berates the girl, wondering how she made it through the real world as long as she did. The mouths continue to nip at Lynn, all the while Christabella berates the young woman for returning with Abernathy, who she sees as unfit for her purposes.
Growing bored with the situation, and disappointed that the footage Lynn has shot has disappeared, Christabella orders the mouths to kill the woman, when a man enters the room and begins to fire a shotgun at the mouths. Troy, sitting to the side and all but forgotten, recognizes the man immediately as Brett, his late wife’s ex-husband. Brett tosses Troy a pistol, but Lynn intercepts the toss instead. Lynn fires a bullet into Christabella’s eye, though it does little except leave the girl with a hole in her face and her hair aflame. The trio waste no time in shooting their way out of the diner and onto the streets of Silent Hill.

Troy doesn’t understand why Brett is helping him, of all people. Brett is equally confused, not understanding why Troy is unsettled by his offer of help. At this point, however, both Lynn and Troy notice the back of Brett’s skull is missing; a detail the man seems unaware of. He simply continues the conversation, telling Abernathy he’ll be there to back him up, just as Troy was there for Brett. Brett attempts to introduce himself to Lynn, but Abernathy refuses to allow it, and punches Brett in the face, knocking him down and stealing his pistol and ammo in the process. Abernathy and Lynn flee from the man, who is dumbfounded by Troy’s attitude.

As the pair runs, Lynn assaults Troy with questions about Brett’s identity and Troy’s reason for bringing her back to Silent Hill. Troy explains about Brett’s relationship with his wife and that he brought Lynn back to Silent Hill to try and help her. Having sought refuge inside of a clothing store, the pair are surprised by the manifestation of Abernathy’s dead wife, Julianna. Trying on lingerie, Julianna commends Troy for his helpful attitude, saying it would make any wife proud. She then berates him for being unsatisfied with his life and all the trappings it brought him. She asks him what it is he really wants, if it’s acceptance from his dead wife he seeks. She tells him everything is okay, proceeding to attack him with the scalpel she killed herself with as she does so.

Lynn tries to help Troy and bashes Julianna in the head with a pipe, though it appears to have little effect. As Julianna sits in front of the pair, hunched over from the blow, Troy asks about her suicide and what compelled her to do it. Not addressing the question, Julianna asks about Troy’s previous encounter with Brett, asking if Brett’s head had been bothering the doctor. She explains that Troy had jumped Brett from behind and killed him. Refusing to listen to anymore, Troy walks away and drags Lynn with him.

Lynn refuses to travel with a murderer, but Troy’s patience has reached its limit and he slaps her, which he regrets immediately. Lynn calls the man a monster, and Troy tries to walk away, but the pair stands surrounded by monsters. The pair stay together a while longer, fighting their way to a footbridge leading out of Silent Hill. The bridge, however, is incomplete and Christabella, with Brett in tow, blocks their way forward. The manifestation of Brett was supposed to have been under Christabella’s control from the start, she explains, but got away from her. Having corrected that imbalance, Brett transforms and begins to attack Lynn and Troy. Their weapons, gifts from Brett, are now useless. As the monstrous Brett begins to attack Lynn, Troy offers himself into Christabella’s services, in exchange for Lynn’s safety. Christabella explains she already has the doctor at her mercy, but Troy explains that, as a psychiatrist, he holds in his mind the sins, dreams, and nightmares of hundreds of people. Hearing this, Christabella accepts the deal with no hesitation and allows Lynn to leave. Outside of town, Lynn is able to hitch a ride away from Silent Hill. Back in town, Christabella looks to the sky and tells Troy she can feel people watching. She advises the doctor to smile for the camera, while he still has a face.

The scene pans out into a TV screen, with Raymond Foch, his brother Oliver, his girlfriend Lauryn and their friend Hogg all watching; the group had been reviewing the footage Lynn had shot in Silent Hill, which Raymond had stolen when he was employed at the hospital she had been committed to. He wanted to show his friends the tape, because its contents had been slowly changing and he wanted to be sure they saw what he did. Lauryn decides the group should head to Silent Hill and investigate things for themselves.


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