Playable Teaser


7780s Studio
(Kojima Productions)



Release date

August 12th, 2014


PlayStation 4

P.T. was a free interactive teaser, exclusive to PlayStation 4. Originally proclaimed to be a new I.P. created by “7780s Studios”, completing the teaser reveals the truth: that the studio is fake, and the initials in the title spell “Playable Teaser”. P.T. is ultimately revealed to be a teaser of Silent Hills. It was not formally a Silent Hill game, though it is connected to the series.

It was removed from the PlayStation Store on April 29, 2015, following the announcement of Silent Hills‘ cancellation.


P.T. begins with a cutscene that shows the unnamed protagonist waking up in a dark, hollow room. The protagonist then gets out to find a narrow, L-shaped hallway which appears to be in a loop. On the radio, a news broadcast details how a man had murdered his family and later killed himself.

Later on, paranormal activity begins to occur, which includes the appearance of a manifestation of the mother from a murdered family, the corridor becoming endless and the lights glowing red.

After the protagonist solves the final puzzle, a cutscene shows him in Silent Hill, presumably unaware of where he is. He looks over his shoulder and continues making his way into the town.


P.T. is in a first person perspective. There is no weapons or combat system because Hideo Kojima explained that when players have weapons in their possession, it lessens the sense of fear and helplessness. The goal of the game is to explore the hallway and its loops until a phone rings. By zooming in on the phone, the player can hear the message, “You’ve been chosen.” Immediately after the message, the final door unlocks and theSilent Hills trailer can be watched. Because the requirements for the phone call are vague, playthroughs of the game can range anywhere from 30 minutes to even five hours.


Kojima revealed that he wants to make the player “shit your pants,” and that the 7780 Studios received its name from the square kilometer area of Shizuoka, a Japanese prefecture which literally translates to “Quiet Hills”. Many Japanese people simply refer to the horror game series as Shizuoka. Kojima also expected the demo to take at least a week to beat and admitted he was surprised the demo was beaten the day it was released. 

Kojima also revealed that the graphics were intentionally toned down to give the impression the demo was being developed by an indie studio.






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