Silent Hill 3 – Monsters

The Closer is a common monster in Silent Hill 3. Its body seems to mock the female form, as its entire face resembles a pair of lips, and it seems to be wearing a mini-skirt. The Closer is a tall, menacing creature, with thick, all-encompassing arms. Excluding Heather’s dream sequence, this is the first type of monster she encounters. She finds one in a clothing store as it feeds on a corpse, and soon after, shoots it to death as it approaches her.

They move slowly, but their massive size and reach make them somewhat dangerous, as is their tendency to appear in tight spaces. They attack by hitting Heather with their club-like arms, or extending a blade-like bone fragment from the tips of their arms. Following Brookhaven Hospital, the Closers become significantly more dangerous, and if the player gets too close in an attempt to attack them, they will defend themselves by swinging their arms in a circle around them, knocking Heather back. Within the cult chapel they become even more monstrous in appearance and attacking.

The Closer is a manifestation of Alessa’s memories of her mother’s abuse, hence the enlarged arms. Its name is derived from its ability to obstruct a path with its huge body. The Closer is similar to one of the monsters Alessa used to draw when she was young. Its appearance is almost identical to that of the Mandarin from Silent Hill 2, along with a possible similar symbolism (overwhelming, inescapable fear).
It could also be a distorted interpretation of real people, mall shoppers. It is reminiscent of a figure holding a shopping bag in each hand. This is supported by the fact that it first appears in the mall. Its mouth is the prominent feature on the face, possibly reflecting a view that the mall shoppers talk too much. The face of the Closer is almost the same as the image on the arms of the Mandarin, further demonstrating possible connections.

Double Head
The Double Head is a canine monster in Silent Hill 3 that usually appears in groups of two or four and attack Heather Mason upon sight. Their namesake feature refers to the fact that from the jawline, their heads are split vertically down the middle, with their tongue often hanging lazily between the split halves. They are “bandaged” in bloody strips of flesh and appear to be horribly burned. According to The Making of Silent Hill 3 DVD, their split skulls are meant to evoke Cerberus and to indicate the player is entering a nightmarish world. They parallel the Groaners from the original Silent Hill.

They often roam in packs and are easily distracted by corpses and bait left by Heather, which they immediately start devouring once found and will often ignore her even if she runs past them. They also tend to howl whenever alerted by Heather’s presence, which calls other Double Heads to the area. However, when on the attack, they move quite quickly and attack by either lunging at Heather or gnawing at her legs. The fact that they often attack in packs and show up in numerous locations make them a constant threat to Heather’s safety, but a lesser one. They can be distracted with Beef Jerky.

Its appearance is greatly influenced by the image of Alessa Gillespie after she was incapacitated due to the fire as well as her fear of dogs. It is also a symbol of Heather’s true self hidden within her known as Alessa (one side of the split head is Heather, the other side is Alessa). The bandages and burns are reminiscent of Alessa’s hospitalisation.

The Glutton is a monster found in Silent Hill 3. While it proves to be a major obstacle in Heather Mason’s escape from the Otherworld Hilltop Center, it doesn’t pose a physical threat to the protagonist.

The Glutton resembles a tall monster encased in a decaying skin, trapped within (or part of) a cylindrical cage that surrounds its entire body. The bottom rung of the cage is adorned with an array of sharp spikes, akin to stalagmites, while the top is draped with what appears to be shrouds of the monster’s skin, which may act as a form of tentacle. Features similar to feet can be seen between the spiked prongs, giving the impression that the Glutton is suspended within its cage.
The Glutton possesses two mouths that convulse and squirm from its chest and “head.” Although initially believed to be eyes, these are confirmed to be mouths; the Tu Fui, Ego Eris fairytale shows a picture of a Knight’s foot extending from the Glutton’s mouth as he is devoured whole. From the fairytale, the Glutton is portrayed as a formidable foe; this would be expected, given the monster’s somewhat loud nature and the radio’s emission of static, but the Glutton appears to show no interest in Heather.

Despite its seemingly non-violent nature, the Glutton’s removal is necessary for Heather to escape the office building it resides in. After exploring the building for some time, Heather finds all the pieces of a story called Tu Fui, Ego Eris, which when read aloud in its complete form, causes the creature to cry out. When Heather returns to its former resting site, it has disappeared.

The Glutton’s name is attributed to the creature in the story Tu Fui, Ego Eris, which gobbled up knights and villagers who attempted to leave their village. While the Glutton in Silent Hill makes no hostile actions, it still blocks Heather from leaving the building, much like how the creature in the story blocked the villagers from leaving their home. It embodies the fear of helplessness before the circumstances.
The fairytale speaks of a priestess that is once killed, resurrected from compassion, and returns to defeat the monster. The reason the Glutton does not attack Heather might be that the priestess in the story is an embodiment of Heather, reborn from Alessa out of compassion, returning to face the monsters; this, however, remains a theory.

God (Boss)
God is the final boss of Silent Hill 3.

Despite her divine name, she is simply a very powerful monster, which draws power from the energies abounding in Silent Hill. God was growing in Heather Mason’s womb, thanks to Claudia Wolf’s plotting and Valtiel’s constant vigil. Claudia also torments Heather throughout the game, letting God feed off of her anger and despair, believing that a deity who is familiar with such emotions would be kinder and more empathic than one born of happiness. Also, the birth of God ensures the death of the host mother.
At the end of the game, when Heather finally confronts Claudia, she takes a capsule of Aglaophotis, which then forces God out of her body. After Heather throws up the writhing, monstrous fetus, Claudia, in a fit of desperation, devours it. She is wracked with pain and is pulled into a hole by Valtiel below, where Heather follows.

Once Heather reaches the end of the hole, she finds that she is in the same room as God, which has grown to full size in an amazingly short period. Valtiel appears once more to shroud God’s head, before vanishing once again. God appears as a huge, half-skeletal being whose face resembles a porcelain mask with the likeness of Alessa Gillespie, Heather’s true identity. This is likely because the manifestation of God, as previously established in the first Silent Hill, takes on the appearance of what the host, or ritual performer, perceives the God to look like. Heather sees Claudia’s empty robe on the floor and remarks “You can’t be dead! I was gonna kill you!” Due to God’s unnatural and hasty birth, she is twisted and malformed, with her legs lacking flesh and ending at the knees. She produces no coherent words or statements, like most monsters, and roars like the beast she is. It is apparent that she also has control over fire and uses it frequently to attack Heather. After a long fight, Heather finally kills the abomination, dropping to her knees and breaking down in grief for her father.

The half-formed abomination is still quite dangerous, towering over other creatures. She is either standing upright with her head safely encased in the red “veil” hanging from above, or hunched over, immobile. She attacks Heather with her long arms in wide, sweeping motions. Melee weapons can be dangerous to use here, as the God automatically takes a very fast swipe at Heather with every hit, either with her arms or by headbutting. If the player chooses to use a melee weapon, the Katana is recommended. Defeating the boss with a melee weapon will unlock the Unlimited Submachine Gun on a second playthrough.
When Heather retreats out of the range of her melee attacks, she summons lines of flame which follow along the half-circle design in the floor and dart towards Heather when she reaches the proper angle. Generally, her long-range attacks are much easier to avoid than her melee ones, so firearms are the preferred method for dealing with the creature. Hoarding ammunition for this final battle would be very helpful, as she has an obscene amount of health.

God is a manifestation of the Order’s namesake deity. She is a powerful god that is much like the Incubus or Incubator, in which she spawns in a physical form determined by the birth mother’s thoughts of how she should look.
Gods body In this case, God resembles Alessa, as Claudia thought that God would resemble her, and held Alessa very close to her heart. Her monstrous aspect could be due to Heather’s thoughts on how the god of such a twisted cult would look – this, combined with the fact that it was Heather’s hate and anger that nurtured her in her utero, makes it likely that Heather’s perception of the god could influence her eventual appearance, despite the fact that Heather does not birth her properly. As in the paintings of the God in the church, her status as a divine being is evidenced by the blood-red veil that hangs above her, and she is impervious as long as she is draped in it. It is unknown how God would have looked or behaved if Heather had properly given birth to her, and not Claudia.
It is also speculated that God is, in fact, a morphed and brutally disfigured form of Claudia combined with the unborn fetus’ power, much like the Incubator. If this is true, Claudia has literally become a vessel of God’s power and Heather’s beliefs could be just a misunderstanding of the actual situation. This also explains the absence of Claudia’s corpse. The monster’s legs are deformed and bonelike, which can suggest the pains and agony of birthing God in a vulgar way.

insane Cancer
Insane Cancers are enormous, obese humanoids with great strength that appear in Silent Hill 3. Heather Mason first encounters one sleeping in the subway area. They also appear occasionally in Silent Hill: The Arcade. In addition to their game appearances, Insane Cancers are also seen in Dying Inside, Paint It Black, and Hunger.

The name Insane Cancer is derived from its outward appearance being suggestive of a cancerous mass. They are almost completely covered with fatty, cancerous-looking bulbous flesh, with pus-like excretions oozing from open sores. Their heads aren’t very distinct, being small bulbs with a wound-like opening as their only feature.
Much like Closers, they often block off portions of the environment with their sheer mass. They attack by swinging their fat, claw-tipped arms and throwing themselves on top of Heather. Although they usually move slowly, shifting their weight back and forth, they will sometimes run towards Heather and knock her down with a very surprising speed. Normally, it’s best to avoid these monsters and look for a safe way around them, however, their size may block the path and force the player to fight them. If this happens, the shotgun or a strong and quick melee weapon will be very useful. They are usually found laying down or sleeping, and this is how they regenerate their health; during this time the damage inflicted will be minimal. They will “deflate” after dying, which is the only way to make sure they are dead and not just resting.

Insane Cancers may represent the town’s very corruption, like an evil cancer spreading throughout the world. It is also a manifestation of God in Heather’s womb, slowly growing like a disease and coming back after apparently being killed. It can also represent Alessa Gillespie’s re-emergent feelings about herself, that she is a cancer that won’t stay dead. These feelings are also reflected in the message left behind by the Memory of Alessa. Their mimicry of dying, when in reality they are regenerating, may be related to Alessa’s hospitalization-to everyone other than her mother and Kaufmann, she was dead, when actually, she was alive in the hospital, and wanted to die, but was unable to due to Dahlia’s magic.

Memory of Alessa
The Memory of Alessa is a boss character in Silent Hill 3. Heather Mason encounters her in the Otherworld’s Lakeside Amusement Park, where combat ensues. She appears as a bloody, ragged doppelgänger of Heather, save the dead, pale, rotting skin and Alessa Gillespie’s head of dark hair. She attacks Heather on the carousel after Claudia Wolf confirms that God is currently in her womb, feeding off her hatred.

The Memory of Alessa attacks Heather using weapons normally at the heroine’s disposal. She begins combat with the knife, which is Heather’s default and starting melee weapon. Her attacks are weak, but fast, and she’ll parry most of Heather’s attacks, including gunfire. Blocking her attacks and then counter-attacking is the wisest method with which to defeat her, the katana being the best tool to do this. She will collapse and appears to “evaporate” in a pool of blood, appearing elsewhere on the carousel with a handgun. Heather can take cover behind the horses to avoid being shot, and once melee range has been reached, she will attempt to strike Heather with the pistol.
Her second defeat will force her to return with a steel pipe, which is much more dangerous than the knife. After this, she can be treated like she was previously, but will attempt to retreat. After her third defeat, she will reappear with a Submachine Gun. The same tactics apply as with the handgun, save for her increased damage and firing rate. Take note that engaging her during the second and fourth stages using a melee weapon will cause her to try using her firearms as melee weapons too, rarely attacking Heather with gunfire. After she is beaten the fourth time, she will finally be defeated.

Upon dying she leaves a message printed in red on the carousel floor.

The Memory of Alessa is just that, the imprint of Alessa (now Heather) left in the Otherworld by her powers and mind. It is a manifestation of Alessa’s mind that wants, above all else, to stop “God’s” birth, and to spare the world (and herself, Heather) from the event should it occur, reasoning a relatively quick death was preferable to the alternate fate.

The Missionary is a major boss from Silent Hill 3. It is a tall, humanoid monster that seems to be able to comprehend orders. It wears a sack over his head and a noose around it’s neck. It also wears a set of robes, much like a butcher’s smock, and has bicep-length rubber gloves stained in blood. It’s weapons of choice are two tonfa-like objects with long blades jutting from the handle.
It appears on the roof of Heather Mason’s apartment, having murdered Harry Mason not long before, in order to enrage Heather. After a brief heated conversation, Claudia Wolf commands it to attack Heather as well.

The Order’s church, near the end of the game, is home to a few similar beings as well, called Scrapers. The Book of Lost Memories labels Scrapers as different entities, so they are not the same as the Missionary, making it unique.

The Missionary attacks with its tonfa-like bladed weapons. It often meanders about, seemingly aimlessly, until it springs an attack. It is fairly lithe and quick-footed for a Silent Hill monster as well. It’s reflexes are also nearly super-human in quality, as it’s able to deflect handgun bullets with it’s weapons with perfect timing; however, it’s still vulnerable to melee and shotgun attacks, making these the best methods in which to take him down. Like many other monsters in the game, it is constantly twitching.

The Missionary is a member of the Order that has become monstrous due to Claudia’s power. To Heather’s eyes, the appearance it takes is that of a monster.

Numb Body
The Numb Body is a relatively featureless, bipedal creature that appears in various sizes. They appear in Silent Hill 3, resembling tadpole-like creatures covered in bluish, pale skin which splits and cracks constantly. It moves with only two legs, which end in deformed, toe-like digits. Their heads only have a single hole in it, from which they presumably see, and nothing else. They make moaning sounds similar to an infant’s cries, especially after being struck down. The larger ones make more of a roar than a cry, showing they have grown stronger. They parallel the Grey Children from the original Silent Hill.

They are not very dangerous alone, simply attacking by ramming their heads into Heather Mason to damage her. However, they have a tendency to appear in numbers and will quickly surround her as she deals with one at a time. The larger variants aren’t much more dangerous, though they both give and take slightly more damage, making them harder to kill.

Its name is derived from its slow and clumsy movements and the fact that its body appears pale as though frozen. It appears undeveloped as to represent the premature state of God in Heather’s womb. It is said that the fetus of a child in the womb will develop what resembles a tail, but it loses this attribute in the later stages of development. The Numb Body is one of the few enemies, not associated to animals, that has a tail, and could further suggest the under-development of God as a type of fetus. Attacks made by the Numb Body seem to involve head-butting Heather in the stomach area, which may allude to resentment of the God currently existing inside her; this would give rise to a theory that the Numb Body is an undeveloped being, and that it shows contempt for other developing infants.
The creature resembles a sperm cell or penis with a pair of legs, possibly portraying a fear of men or a fear of sex. It also resembles an infant’s head coming out of a woman’s vagina. If this is the case, the woman is missing the upper half of her body. The interpretation obviously points to the pain of child-birth. They appear frequently early in the game, filling Heather’s mind with thoughts of motherhood and impregnation and then stop appearing when Heather decides to go to Silent Hill and discovers that she will birth God.

The Nurses in Silent Hill 3 have a more “human”-like appearance, despite the fact that their faces are still rather distorted and deformed. They each have blood around their mouth, implying that they have either coughed up blood or have been feeding on a bloody carcass. Their hair is all uniformly cut into bob cuts and they share the Bubble Head Nurses’ busty appearance. They make heavy panting noises and when injured, they utter bloodcurdling screams. They carry weapons as well, either the iconic pipe weapon or revolvers. If the perfume is equipped while in the hospital, then they will attack in much greater numbers.

Nurses are generally more dangerous than other creatures at the time, particularly those with the handgun. Those armed with pipes swing away at Heather Mason when she comes close enough, limping towards her until they’re in range. Those with revolvers should be dealt with immediately, as they can attack from quite a ways away and deal a large amount of damage. They can also pistol-whip Heather if she is in close enough range.

The nurses are manifestations of Alessa Gillespie’s memories of her hospitalization and of Lisa Garland. It is also possible these nurses are actual nurses that have been perverted by the power of the Otherworld rather than true manifestations.

The Pendulum is a large flying monster from Silent Hill 3 that is first encountered in the Central Square Shopping Center. In addition to their game appearance, Pendulums are used in Paint It Black.

A Pendulum has the appearance of two human torsos split in half and connected at their hips by a metal device. Their arms are tied and bandaged behind their backs, with each torso facing the opposite direction of the other, and a pair of stilt-like, bladed legs sprout from the center of the mechanical device. It also has a blade attached to each of its heads and rotates its torso (like a pendulum moving in a single direction) while it moves in an attempt to cut Heather Mason. They make a noisy screeching sound similar to the sound of grinding metal.
They float in mid-air, slowly converging on Heather’s location where they’ll slash at her with their weapons. They are very difficult to deal with in melee, and firearms are the preferred method of disposing of them. A smaller, faster version of these creatures exists in the sewers, where they skitter across the ground nipping at Heather’s feet. They are somewhat dangerous because they hide in dark areas, but their noisiness can help the player to acknowledge their presence.

Another variant of these creatures can be found outside in South Vale, walking on their ‘legs’ rather than floating. Should Heather approach them they will lunge forward with their blades, furthermore should Heather attack them they will begin to float and resume their rotating attack. The Pendulum tends not to fight alone; should Heather encounter one, there may be other monsters in the area, causing them to be more of a problem.

The Pendulum represents the character’s upside down feelings about her home life and the people the character loves, and derives its name from the way it sways and moves while attacking.
This creature could also be a manifestation of Heather’s giving birth to God; the head seen on top being Heather, and the bottom head which is God being birthed. In this case, the screeching noise could symbolize the physical pain of giving birth.

It could also be the dichotomy of Heather being Alessa Gillespie in truth and vice versa, each side struggling to be the dominant one, while hurting those around them as a result. The screeching in this case would reflect the physical pain that Heather experiences when Alessa’s memories begin to surface; like nails dragged across a chalkboard.

Scrapers are enemies who appear in Silent Hill 3. They are very similar in appearance and nature to the Missionary, though they are much weaker, as well as less threatening and significantly smaller. They appear as medium-sized humanoid males with dirty brown robes and brown sacks over their faces. They also wear bloody rubber gloves and corduroy pants. Their tonfa-like weapons end in blades, which they constantly scrape together, hence their name.

They behave much like the Missionary, but are much weaker and less aggressive. They retain the former’s ability to deflect handgun bullets, but nothing else. They can move surprisingly fast as they lash out at Heather, but they can be killed with several well-timed heavy strikes with a melee weapon. They also have a tendency to shove Heather off of ledges if she tries to skirt around them. When the Scraper starts scraping its weapons together, it’s a sign that it’s preparing to charge.

The Scrapers may be actual members of the Order or manifestations of Claudia’s vision of the Orders members. In either case there isn’t much symbolism to be read in their appearance. The Book of Lost Memories only said that they are humanoid monsters. They receive their name from their habit of scraping their blades together.

Slurpers are crawling, humanoid monsters from Silent Hill 3. They appear to be human males with long, tube-like snouts, much like an anteater, and club-like front limbs. They emit loud chirping noises of various pitches and have a long tongue with which they use to “slurp” up carrion and blood. They are often found in groups and appear frequently out of small crawlspaces and vents to ambush their prey. They also have what appears to be leather shorts on.

Slurpers in the Otherworld have adapted to the texture of the environment
Slurpers are dangerous in the sense that they are quite quick and can easily knock Heather Mason flat on her back. They scurry towards her when alerted to her presence, and yank her legs out from under her, making her fall down. Often times they will then scurry over her, stomping on her for additional damage. A secondary attack of theirs is quite similar to that of the Double Head, they can grab onto Heather’s leg and repeatedly bite her until she shakes them off.
They are best killed with firearms or melee weapons with a strong over-head swing (such as the maul, but it is very difficult to hit a monster that fast with a weapon that heavy), as many other melee attacks will sail right over them due to their crawling stature. When struck, they will sometimes play dead, waiting for Heather to get closer before attacking again. They emit a loud, shrill cry when truly dead. As scavengers, they are also easily distracted by Beef Jerky.

After Heather enters the Otherworld within Brookhaven Hospital, Slurpers appear bloodier than usual.

In the Otherworld Hilltop Center, a Slurper can be found hiding under a bed. Heather’s radio doesn’t emit static at this Slurper. With items on the bed, the player will be lured towards the bed where they will be knocked down and surprised by its sudden appearance. Please note that this Slurper does not appear on Easy Action mode.

Slurpers are carrion-feeders of the Otherworld, representing the bottom-feeders and low-lives of the human world. Also, considering their resemblance to well-built human males wearing boxers, their habit of surprise attacks and the way they climb on top of Heather, their symbolism could be sexual in nature, perhaps representing the all-too realistic fear of rapists and stalkers. They may also represent a real life pervert, crawling on the ground to look up Heather’s skirt, and knocking her down and crawling on her which may symbolize rape.
It could also be a distorted interpretation of real life people, representing a drug addict. It is reminiscent of a drug addict licking the ground to slurp up any spilled chemicals in desperation. This is supported by the fact that they first appear (other than the brief sewer encounter) shortly after passing through an area where a homeless chemical abuser was squatting, and may even allude to White Claudia.

Their hands appear like unusable lumps of meat perhaps signifying incapability (just like how drug addicts are incapable of controlling their addiction and lives) or a violent nature, such as the Closer.

Split Worm
The Split Worm is a giant monster which attacks Heather Mason at Central Square Shopping Center. It is the first boss monster encountered in Silent Hill 3, and is the first to be battled in the Otherworld Toluca Lake in Silent Hill: The Arcade.

The Split Worm is a gigantic, vile worm that is covered with a protective, lavender-colored outer layer. This thick skin splits vertically to reveal a fleshy head without any visible eyes or nostrils. It has a massive set of jaws with gigantic teeth, which are its primary attack method. It has many strips of gooey flesh connecting its head to the protective layer of skin. While it is massive in size, it is not as long as the word “worm” would suggest.

It attacks by burrowing in and out of the holes surrounding its lair. Its thick outer hide is invulnerable to any attack, including gunfire, however the flesh inside is its weak point. When it decides to attack, it lashes out with its massive jaws to bite Heather, but leaves her with a huge window of opportunity to open fire against its vulnerable head before it does so. It can also strike the ground and cause it to quake, unbalancing Heather and causing a small amount of damage. This is a vulnerable point for the player, as Heather can stay down for quite an amount of time before finally recovering and standing up. In the arcade version, it keeps jumping in and out of the bloody waters, lunging at the player. It must be killed fast, or Eric and Tina will be thrown into the lake.

The Split Worm is patterned after the “Split Head” creature that appears in the first game. This is also the first boss of its game, further mirroring the Split Head. It represents Heather giving birth to God in a more vulgar aspect. It may also carry phallic symbolism, and possibly Heather’s sexual experience as such. This is reinforced by the various holes that the Split Worm enters and exits throughout the battle, as well as the teeth in its ‘mouth’, which may indicate that Heather’s first sexual experience was a painful one. Another interpretation suggests Heather’s reservations or fear of sex in general. In The Arcade, it may represent Hanna’s wish to be protected by a layer when she was drowning. It also has a similar meaning to the Double Head, but without the meaning of Alessa Gillespie being in the Hospital.

Valtiel is a monster in Silent Hill 3, as well as a governing angel in the religion of Silent Hill. His name means “attendant” by way of the French word “valet”; his existence as an angel is derived from suffixing “-el”. Thus, he is “Attendant of God”. Along with Pyramid Head, he is one of the more well known monsters in the series.

Because of its passive role in the game and its designation as a servant, it is thought that Valtiel is the subordinate of another dominant supernatural presence in Silent Hill. In the long standing tradition of Silent Hill, Valtiel is a saintly being corresponding to an angel, possibly Metatron.
In the religious tradition of Silent Hill, Valtiel was one of the beings said to be created by God in order to lead people to obey her. It is worshiped as the one who is closest to God. A special sect was made in the honor of the Valtiel, founded by Jimmy Stone, called the Valtiel Sect. In it, this angel is venerated as a way to get closer to God. Likewise, the Pyramid Head wears similar ceremonial robes, gloves and appears to have cloth stitching, all in homage to this being.

Whenever a shift in the Otherworld occurs, Valtiel appears before Heather Mason, the protagonist and heroine of Silent Hill 3. In many instances, Valtiel is seen turning a valve; this is both a symbolic gesture of the cycle of rebirth, which he governs, and an implication that Valtiel has some control over the shifting to the Otherworld that takes place throughout the series. Valtiel seemingly has little or no actual concern with Heather, but rather for the God that sleeps within her. Should Heather die, Valtiel can be seen dragging her corpse, presumably intending to resurrect the holy “Mother of God”.

It is humanoid in appearance, but its head vibrates and twitches rapidly, obscuring its facial features; although there are not many features to behold, as its face is blank and leathery, with a series of crude stitches where its mouth should be. It is garbed in ceremonial robes and wears gloves.
Pyramid Head is connected to this being as both of them are described as taking different forms depending on the person. A further connection is that Pyramid Head is stated to be the shape of Valtiel’s reason for existence. The Butcher also resembles it, but possesses a more violent and bloodthirsty desire.

An interesting feature is that Valtiel has the Seal of Metatron on both of his shoulders. Metatron and Valtiel are both considered the “Agents of God”, and this mark could suggest that Valtiel is in Metatron’s servitude or that he himself is actually Metatron.

Heather first encounters Valtiel when going down an elevator in the shopping mall, where it appears to be hanging another monster. Heather sees the creature behind a fan. If the player dies depending on the location (such as Central Square Shopping Center), a small cinematic shows Valtiel carrying Heather’s dead body away.
Her next major encounter with this creature is in Brookhaven Hospital, when Heather is climbing up a ladder. Valtiel is seen turning a valve in the background. After that, Valtiel can be seen several times in the chapel hanging nurses and crawling around in vents, and finally appearing in the final battle watching over God.

..In Silent Hill 3
Valtiel may have a similar role to that of Pyramid Head; however, while the latter takes the role of an executioner, hurting and abusing monsters or stalking James Sunderland, the former’s following of Heather is largely passive. If Heather dies, Valtiel even removes her corpse to a presumably safer location to resurrect the God inside her. However, this courtesy of care does not seem to extend beyond her, as Valtiel is often seen violently abusing nurses , Fukuro Lady and other female monsters while twisting the valve, and appears to torture them, though he lacks the sexual connotation that embodies Pyramid Head’s behavior.
The creators have stated that Valtiel has appeared in different forms in the previous works of the Silent Hill series. The ceremonial robes worn by the figures in the Otherworld elementary school that appeared in Silent Hill were a homage to Valtiel, while Pyramid Head himself was a being or form connected to Valtiel’s existence.

Derived from “Valet”. As God’s attendant, Valtiel observes Heather in order to ensure the birth of God. It is unknown whether this creature is created from either Heather or Claudia Wolf.
Valtiel could be identified with either Lobsel Vith or Xuchilbara, the Yellow God and Red God respectively, mentioned in “Myth 4: Creation”. Both having been created to assist God in keeping humanity obedient to her, both are tasked with a rather important duty. Given Valtiel’s distinction as being the closest to God, he could be synonymous with either one. In the same Myth, there is a being similar to Valtiel, if not Valtiel himself, in the bottom left of the painting. This, coupled with the fact that Valtiel and Pyramid Head have yellow and red colored heads respectively, could be further proof of a connection to the Yellow and Red gods.


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