Silent Hill 4: The Room – Characters

Richard Braintree

But if you’re here too, then there must be something wrong with the whole apartment building…
—Richard to Henry Townshend

Richard Braintree is a character in Silent Hill 4: The Room. He is Henry Townshend’s neighbor from Room 207, an angry middle aged man who hates children.

Richard lived in Room 207 of South Ashfield Heights. He is an eccentric, angry and somewhat violent (possibly sadistic) man who carries a revolver along with him. Remembering Joseph Schreiber’s sudden disappearance, he becomes concerned when he notices the same thing happening again in Room 302. Richard is also on good relations with Eileen Galvin, as Richard and Eileen are seen having a friendly conversation together.
When Walter Sullivan traveled to South Ashfield Heights as a small child, Richard often noticed him. Richard was suspicious of Walter, and was often aggressive with him, as he believed Walter didn’t belong there. As a child, Walter wrote that “The city is scary and the apartment where mommy is has a scary guy in it.”

An incident occurred where Richard peeled off the clothes of a man named Mike, who was a perverted stalker living in the apartments who was despised (see Another Crimson Tome for the full details). As Walter was in the crowd and saw Richard holding bloody clothes, Walter may have misunderstood the situation and thought that Richard literally “skinned” Mike and that he was a homicidal killer.

Silent Hill 4
Richard can appear before entering the Building World by examining the peephole, where he and Eileen Galvin are standing outside Henry’s door.
There is also an extra scene where Richard appears alone outside of the door, staring into the peep-hole before walking away down the hall. This scene can be viewed upon constantly checking the peep-hole between visits to the apartment.

Henry Townshend first meets Richard Braintree personally in the building world on Hotel South Ashfield. He appears to fall out of the sky (which is never explained fully in the game) and suddenly points his revolver at Henry, but realizes that he is another resident of his apartment building. Richard tells Henry he wants to find a way out and suddenly leaves. As Henry enters and descends though an elevator, he sees Richard, who is chasing a young Walter Sullivan, having recognized him. Henry makes his way to a large staircase when he suddenly hears Richard’s scream. When Henry reaches the top of the staircase, he finds a replica of Room 207, Richard’s own apartment room. He enters Room 207 and sees the child Walter point outside a window (possibly at Henry’s next door neighbor) and eventually disappear into thin air. Henry tries to help Richard, who is being electrocuted in an electric chair, with “19/21” carved into his forehead. Henry is unable to free him and is forced to watch him die. Richard was killed with the ‘Chaos’ theme of murder. His item left behind is his trademark revolver, which Henry can later obtain as a weapon.

Richard’s ghost haunts the building world in the game. When he first appears, he is standing on a ledge and falls off. Unlike the game’s other ghosts, he does not float, but he attacks with great celerity and is able to teleport, making him a dangerous enemy. As a victim of an electric chair, Richard’s skin is black and somewhat “fried”, and his clothes are also burned and charred. As he walks, Richard keeps twitching and emitting static sounds, due to his electrocution. He moves erratically, even to the point where it seems he does a certain motion (like swinging his crowbar) backwards.
Richard wields a crowbar and attacks Henry aggressively. As he walks, he can swing his crowbar in slow motion and at a high speed. If a Sword of Obedience isn’t used on him, his ghost will appear in Room 207. It is recommended that a Sword of Obedience (possibly with a Silver Bullet) should be used on him.

Andrew DeSalvo

That kid, Walter… He was really into that mumbo-jumbo.
—Andrew telling Henry how determined Walter was.

Andrew DeSalvo is a nervous, middle aged man Henry Townshend meets locked in a cell in the Water Prison World in Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Prior to the game, DeSalvo was employed by the Order as a guard at the Wish House Orphanage and the Water Prison (although he was apparently not a member of the Order himself), where he was abusive towards the children there. It is hinted at in the Forest World’s stone diaries that he killed young Walter Sullivan’s childhood friend ‘Bob’ and made him drink water with leeches in it.
After Henry frees him from the cell in the Water Prison, he is disturbed by the presence of young Walter and is last seen drowned as Walter’s 18th victim. When Henry returns to the Water Prison he has to fight DeSalvo’s ghost to acquire a key. He was killed with the ‘Watchfulness’ theme of murder. His item is a bloody shirt Henry finds at the prison’s death chamber, where Andrew was killed. He uses this shirt later on to uncover a message needed to move forward.

Victim 18 (see Walter Sullivan)
Andrew’s ghost is a rather dangerous one, as he can perform a barrel roll that deals a great amount of damage, and also has a very strong aura that will damage Henry faster than any other ghost would. A Saint Medallion is required to weaken the evil presence, and a Silver Bullet is a great option to quickly pin him, followed shortly by a Sword of Obedience.

Eileen Galvin

It’s terrible… That poor little boy… His parents just threw him away right after he was born. Poor thing… He really thinks that Room 302 is his mother… I’ve gotta help him.
—Eileen, regarding young Walter while she’s becoming possessed.

Eileen Galvin is the deuteragonist of Silent Hill 4: The Room. She is Henry Townshend’s young neighbor, living adjacent to his apartment in Room 303. Although Henry has lived at the South Ashfield Heights apartment building for over two years, Eileen has only a passing familiarity with him.
It is possible that Eileen lived in Room 303 long before Henry’s arrival, as she knew Joseph Schreiber until his mysterious disappearance.

Eileen’s first speaking appearance suggests that she has an outgoing personality. The game booklet states that she has a kind personality, and this seems likely considering her neighbors’ friendliness towards her, even such an unbearable person as Richard Braintree. Eileen seems unnaturally aware of her surroundings and the comings-and-goings of her fellow residents. She is the first to notice that Henry has not left his apartment for some time and called the building’s superintendent, Frank Sunderland, asking him to check up on Henry. Later, she questions other residents regarding Henry’s background and activities, albeit to no avail.
She appears to enjoy collecting plush toys, animals presumably (she owns a stuffed toy of the Lakeside Amusement Park’s mascot, Robbie the Rabbit, clearly visible from the hole in Henry’s wall). This would suggest that, like Henry, Eileen has either lived in or visited Silent Hill at some point in her life. She is also very conscientious of the tidiness and cleanliness of her apartment, as she can be seen searching for her broom in one instance. Eileen studied archeology when she was in college and is able to read Walter’s Diary.

Eileen is a deeply caring person. Her act of giving Walter Sullivan her doll when she was a child makes her the only character who has attempted to comfort and console him. This is in contrast to her fellow neighbors, including Richard Braintree.

Silent Hill 4
In Room 302, Henry discovers an incomplete hole that Joseph Schreiber worked on while he was still alive. As Henry looks at the wall, Eileen can be frequently watched in her apartment bedroom, Room 303. Eileen usually sits on her bed and stares into the distance, and sometimes, she may not be there at all. On special occasions, Eileen will react to things around her. In the beginning, Eileen can be seen searching for a broom to clean the 3rd floor hallway. After Cynthia Velasquez’ death, Eileen will look towards her window and watch the ambulance drive away. After the subway world, Eileen can be heard talking to a friend on a phone about a party. After the building world, Eileen can be seen in a purple dress. While Eileen is in her room, she may be seen doing things such as watching television, reading, and shaving. Sometimes Eileen may suddenly stop what she is doing, look at the wall suspiciously, and then go back to what she was doing before.

Preparing to leave for a friend’s party, Eileen eventually becomes trapped alongside Henry Townshend in Walter Sullivan’s nightmare world and is severely injured by Walter before Henry is able to rescue her. When Henry finally enters Eileen’s room, he discovers her on her floor bleeding to death with 20121 carved into her back. Eileen thanks Walter’s younger manifestation, tells him to leave, and then passes out. Slipping back into reality momentarily, Eileen is immediately rushed to St. Jerome’s Hospital for emergency treatment. Eileen survives the attack, unlike all of Walter’s other victims, because the younger version of Walter had intervened in the older Walter’s attempt on her life. When she comes to, Eileen finds herself once again caught in Walter’s hellish reality (her real physical body being in the real world St. Jerome’s). Eileen is initially frightened, but trusts Henry enough to follow him. With the advantage of having Henry to accompany her throughout the ordeal, Eileen travels through Walter’s Otherworlds.

In the alternate South Ashfield Heights, Eileen leaves Henry behind to look at Walter Sullivan’s sketchbook; she flips through the pages, realizing Walter’s saddening and abusive childhood. When Henry returns to Eileen, who is becoming possessed, she tells him that she has decided to find Walter herself. Henry and Eileen travel to the Superindendent’s room, where they find Walter’s umbilical cord that Frank Sunderland had kept for decades. Depending if Eileen is possessed, partially possessed, or not possessed at all, she will react differently when Henry finds Walter’s umbilical cord. If she is not possessed, she will briefly comfort Henry when he falls to the floor in pain due to a severe headache, and calmly tell him that she is going to help “that little boy” before running off to do so. Henry makes a brief attempt to stop her before quickly giving up as soon as she exits the room. If Eileen is partially possessed, she will not react to Henry falling the floor. She will tell Henry that she is going to help Walter, and exit the room by slowly walking backwards. If Eileen is completely possessed during this scene, Henry will fall to the floor in pain, and while he is down, Eileen will begin to ramble, run up to Henry, and beat him on the back while uncontrollably sobbing. She will then rush out of the room before Henry has any chance to stop her.

Entering a portal in Room 302, Henry finds Eileen, possessed, about to walk into a rotating spiked machine. If Eileen received too many injuries during the game, she will walk faster into the machine, and it may be impossible to save her. Depending on the ending, if Eileen dies, it would be with the ‘Mother’ theme of murder. Also, her contribution to Walter’s world is her purse found at the lobby of the Hospital World. In the Eileen’s Death ending, Henry discovers that Eileen’s physical body had passed away in St. Jerome’s via radio. If Eileen survives the final battle, Henry decides to visit her in the hospital. She receives flowers from him, alluding that their relationship has strengthened over their previous recognition of one another.

Jasper Gein

F-Finally… the Th-Third Revelation… S-Something’s g-gonna happen…
—Jasper commenting about the ritual Joseph described to him.

Jasper Gein is a somewhat mentally unbalanced man who appears in Silent Hill 4: The Room. Along with his friends Bobby Randolph and Sein Martin, Jasper was fascinated by the mythology of the Order and made it his goal to find out all he could about them and their teachings.
While exploring the ruins of the Wish House Orphanage in a surreal world, Walter Sullivan immolated Gein, who seemed almost appreciative of the act.

Silent Hill 4
Henry Townshend meets Jasper while walking on a path through a forest outside of Wish House. Jasper tells Henry about the origins of the stone he is sitting beside, known as the Mother Stone. Henry leaves shortly after Jasper says how the stone is creepy.
Henry meets Jasper again at Wish House, in which the man says he will give Henry something if he provides him with a beverage. After Henry gives him chocolate milk, Jasper in return gives him a spade. Henry finds the key to the Wish House with the help of the spade; Jasper enters and disappears into one of the rooms. Not too long after, Henry hears a blood-curdling scream and investigates the room that Jasper entered. Upon opening the door, Jasper is seen burning and writhing in agony. After Henry witnesses this act, Jasper calls out that he had seen “the red devil” he had been searching for. Jasper carves the number “17121” into his own chest with an altar candle and collapses, finally perishing from the burns. His ghost which is still on fire haunts the Forest World in the game.

He was killed with the ‘Source’ theme of murder. His item for Walter’s world is the same bottle of chocolate milk Henry gave him before he died.
As a ghost, he wields the candlestick he used to carve the numbers into his chest before his death. His hits deal a considerable amount of damage, probably owing to the fact that he’s on fire. If Jasper is not pinned in the Forest World, his ghost will return in the Building World, near the level’s end.

Robbie the Rabbit

Silent Hill 4
In Silent Hill 4: The Room, a Robbie the Rabbit doll is sitting on a bed belonging to Eileen Galvin. While he isn’t seen actually moving, he does change posture once Eileen is rushed to the hospital. He is then turned toward the player, pointing at Henry Townshend with a menacing expression. A hot-air balloon of his head can also be seen outside of Henry’s window, which, for unknown reasons, has its mouth bloodied. Cynthia Velasquez also has a tattoo of Robbie, only visible when she is wearing her alternate costume.
In the Walter Sullivan Victim Files, Miriam Locane’s silhouette is seen holding a Robbie the Rabbit doll.

Joseph Schreiber

Well, he’s dead now… but he’s still trying to complete… the “21 Sacraments.”
—Joseph to Henry and Eileen, regarding Walter Sullivan.

Joseph Schreiber is the false protagonist in Silent Hill 4: The Room. He is also mentioned in Silent Hill 3 by his own magazine article. Joseph was a journalist who lived in South Ashfield Heights, an apartment complex situated in the town of Ashfield. Joseph’s apartment room was Room 302 – the central area of Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Red Diary
Throughout Silent Hill 4: The Room, Henry Townshend learns more about Joseph by way of mysterious red letters that are placed under the front door of the apartment room, some are hidden in the room itself and apartment world. Eventually Henry learns that Joseph was indeed the previous occupant of Room 302 and was investigating the Order which led to an exposé on the Wish House (formally referred to as “Hope House” in Silent Hill 3). While investigating ties between the Order and the Walter Sullivan murders, Joseph had suddenly found himself sealed inside his apartment room with the only means of escape being a mysterious hole in his storage room.
Much like Henry, Joseph had visited Walter’s Otherworlds and met various people, such as Jasper Gein, who refers to Joseph as “the nosy guy” when Henry first meets him. Despite making some progress in Walter’s Otherworlds (even discovering a way to beat the ghost-victims), Joseph witnesses several murders and eventually seals off the storage room in fear of being next. Diary entries reveal Joseph later suffers from chest pains, extreme headaches and blindness. His Red Diary is also believed (and heavily speculated) to be his contribution to Walter’s memories, as it represents Joseph’s thoughts and memories, all of which are found or given in Walter’s Otherworlds.

Giver of Wisdom
Although the means of his murder and location of his body are officially unknown, Joseph apparently never made it out of his room and became Walter’s 15th victim. Notably, however, is that Joseph is the only ghost-victim that is not hostile towards Henry. Upon reaching Room 302 of the Past, a black-and-white room covered in Holy Candles, the player is finally confronted with Joseph’s ghost (an upside down shadow merged with Room 302’s ceiling).
At this point, Joseph informs both Eileen Galvin and Henry that the only way for the nightmare to end is that they must kill Walter Sullivan by following the Crimson Tome. However by doing this, he is unwillingly fulfilling his role as the “Giver of Wisdom” and thus making Henry as the “Receiver of Wisdom”.

Walter Sullivan

As Walter is a major part in the story of Silent Hill 4, I have created a whole page just for him, please click the link

Frank Sunderland

“ There are a… lot of strange things in this world… The umbilical cord I keep in a box in my room… Lately, it’s started to smell terrible… ”

Frank Sunderland is the superintendent of Henry Townshend’s apartment building, South Ashfield Heights, and the father of Silent Hill 2’s James Sunderland. He is one of the characters from Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Prior to the game’s events, he discovered a baby, Walter Sullivan, in one of the apartment’s rooms and turned the child over to the nearby St. Jerome’s Hospital. He has kept Walter Sullivan’s umbilical cord in his room for over 34 years because he felt that it was too precious to throw out. He would often see little Walter coming to Room 302 to visit his “mother”.
Years later, Frank Sunderland witnessed a man wearing a coat hanging around Room 302, and confirmed there were signs of someone having been in there.

Silent Hill 4
Frank makes an effort to investigate what is going on in Henry’s room during the game, but is unable to open the door or otherwise enter the room, much to Eileen Galvin’s disappointment. Frank is also reminded of Joseph Schreiber’s disappearance.
When Henry and Eileen traverse into Walter’s Otherworld, they enter Frank’s room and Henry takes Walter’s umbilical cord, which he uses to defeat the final boss with.

In the “21 Sacraments” ending, Frank is reportedly found dead in South Ashfield Height apartments, along with five unnamed police officers. This is possibly the work of Walter, but his motive for these murders are unknown. In the other alternative endings, it is to be assumed Frank is still alive and well.

Henry Townshend

I don’t… I don’t know where to start. There was this strange hole in my room. I saw people getting killed… all these weird other worlds… and I saw you get attacked, too.
—Henry, explaining his situation to Eileen Galvin.

Henry Townshend is the main protagonist of Silent Hill 4: The Room. He is the last sacrament of the 21 Sacraments ritual, and is given the title “Receiver of Wisdom.”

As stated in the instruction booklet, Henry Townshend is noted as a “young man who never lets his feelings show.” As such, Henry is somewhat of a quiet soul that is shy in personality. This is emphasized by the fact that he does not speak much, and is more of a listener. Henry’s shyness and occasionally awkward behavior may indicate that he is somewhat of a hermit. No mention is made of any friends or family throughout the game, and even his neighbors only know him in passing. However, Henry’s confrontation with Walter Sullivan forces him into a situation where he must change (and leave the apartment), or die.
He is a keen and adept photographer, proven by the many scenic pictures that hang on the walls which he himself shot. He has an eye for natural beauty that goes beyond the superficial as he once remarks, “This is a photo of the church I ran across while I was visiting Silent Hill. For some reason I was really attracted by the way it looked, so I took the picture.” Also, his desk has several books, a scrapbook and pen, and a leather portfolio. Henry mentions he has always had a habit of collecting scraps of information, organized in this scrapbook, containing various magazines, books, and newspaper clippings.

Henry makes several comments about visiting Old Silent Hill several times as both a child and adult before moving into the room, and has taken several scenic photographs which he proudly displays throughout his apartment. The photos serve as reminders of past Silent Hill games. A large picture of the Lakeview Hotel from Silent Hill 2 is mounted in his living room, a gift from Frank Sunderland. Two in particular depict the Balkan Church and the old lighthouse, both landmarks of Silent Hill 1. Henry even makes a comment about the lighthouse picture saying that, “There was even a rumor that a UFO came flying right by the lighthouse.” This is a subtle reference to the UFO endings of the three previous games.

There is a car magazine that is on his coffee table, entitled ‘Bikkuri Cars’. Henry is also a collector of books, mainly “cheap novels”, yet for the two years he has been living in South Ashfield he has not read any of them or even touched them. Henry also comments on his high school life as being unmemorable at one point in the game. This may suggest that Henry was also a loner throughout school, as well as the present.

Henry shows remarkable altruism throughout the game: he is constantly trying to help the people he meets, regardless of his own situation. A good example of this is when he and Eileen meet Joseph Schreiber, since Henry keeps Eileen Galvin behind him until the man leaves.

Silent Hill 4
In the beginning of the game, Henry is locked in his apartment, Room 302 of South Ashfield heights. He has gone mostly unnoticed in his apartment for the past two years; he passes his next door neighbor Eileen Galvin occasionally and they give each other nodding glances of acknowledgment and courtesy, yet no further relationship develops. He is equally distant from his other neighbors, most of whom he seems not to know by name and vice versa (Richard Braintree merely calls Henry “That guy that lives across from me”).

Henry is trapped inside of his apartment for a total of five days before a strange hole suddenly appears in his bathroom. Wondering if he can escape using this route, he decides to crawl inside, waking up to find himself sitting on an escalator in a subway. In this world, Henry meets Cynthia Velasquez, a woman who believes she is dreaming. Cynthia flirts with Henry and promises him a “special favor” if he helps her find a way out of the subway station. He never accepts or denies her offer, but decides to help her nonetheless. The two travel together until Cynthia becomes separated from Henry. This happens twice, and when reuniting with her for the second time he finds her alone and bleeding in a room. As she dies, she asks Henry if everything that has happened is just a dream, which he assures her it is. After she dies in his arms, he leaves and finds himself awaking up in his apartment to the sounds of an ambulance outside. Upon examining it, there is indeed an ambulance at the entrance at the subway, which is most likely retrieving Cynthia’s body.

The next time Henry ventures into the hole, he awakes in a forest, which is located near Silent Hill. He meets a troubled man, Jasper Gein, who speaks of a ritual and of the Devil. Henry later stumbles across a little boy, who he attempts to talk to, but runs away when Jasper begins frantically predicting that “something’s gonna happen” right after mentioning the “Third Revelation”. Henry eventually comes across the Wish House, an orphanage, where he sees Jasper yet again. Jasper tells Henry that the door is locked, and if Henry can get him something to drink, he will award him with something. After giving him Chocolate Milk, Jasper gives Henry a Blood-Inscribed Spade, which helps him find the key to the orphanage. Once inside, he reads a passage out of a religious book, but is interrupted by the screaming of Jasper. He goes to check on him to see the man on fire, scrawling numbers into his chest, and screaming that he met the Devil. Henry merely watches as he eventually burns to death, and wakes up in his apartment once more.
The next place Henry wakes up in is a cylinder-shaped water prison. He finds a man locked in a cell, who pleas Henry to get him out. After venturing the prison for a while, a learning how to move the cell rooms around using a valve, he is able to free the man from the cell. When he travels back to the cell where the man is, he sees the man muttering to a little boy – the same one from the forest – in fear. The boy eventually leaves, and Henry is able to learn that the man’s name is Andrew DeSalvo and that he worked at the prison. He also learns the name of the little boy, which is Walter Sullivan. Andrew goes on about how Walter was obsessed with the Descent of the Holy Mother ritual and strays away from Henry while mumbling to himself. When Henry stumbles upon the torture chamber in the lower levels of the prison, he finds Andrew, long dead and having been drowned.

Again, Henry finds himself waking up in a strange place. This time it is a building that is located near Henry’s apartment. He hears the sound of someone screaming, who happens to be a man named Richard Braintree. He appears to have fallen from the sky, or perhaps some sort of ledge from above. Alarmed at Henry’s presence, he points his revolver at him, but then puts it back down realizing that Henry is “a real person”. The two go on to talk about their similarity in experiences dealing with “these freaky worlds” and then begin a conversation about Joseph Schreiber, the man who lived in Henry’s apartment before him. Richard leaves with Henry telling him to watch out for the boy (Walter Sullivan), but Richard seems not to take the statement to heart. While riding an elevator down, Henry sees Richard again, this time with the little boy. Frightened of Richard, the boy runs and Richard follows. By the time Henry catches up to them, Richard is strapped down in an electric chair and is slowly dying. Henry tries to help, but is electrocuted in the process. Richard tries to tell Henry that the little boy is not who he appears to be, but dies shortly after.

In the apartment world, Henry questions whether Eileen Galvin or Walter Sullivan is the next victim (having not known what Walter looked like as an adult yet). When Henry enters Eileen’s room, he watches her as she dies and he falls to the floor in grief. Henry is able to create a new hole and while exploring St. Jerome’s Hospital, Henry sees photographs and x-rays of Eileen and wonders if Eileen is still alive. Henry soon finds Eileen and they reunite to find the “ultimate truth”. It is around this time Henry finds out only he – not Eileen, who he attempts to take with him – can use the holes that transport him back to his apartment. Using a key given to him, he unlocks a spiraling staircase that he uses to re-visit the first four of Walter’s Otherworlds. All the doors that were previously locked (marked with Halos of the Sun) can now be opened in the worlds.

At the end of the staircase, Henry and Eileen find a diary in front of Room 302 of the past, where he meets the ghost of Joseph Schreiber and obtains the Pickaxe of Hope. Joseph explains what he’s learned to Henry about Walter Sullivan, completing Henry’s role as the ‘Receiver of Wisdom’. Going back into the current Room 302, Henry uses the Pickaxe to discover a secret room in between his bedroom and bathroom. Here, he discovers the corpse of Walter Sullivan nailed to a cross and finds the Keys of Liberation in the corpse’s coat pocket. Using this, Henry escapes Room 302 to find he is in the apartment world again where he reunites with Eileen. They then retrieve Walter’s umbilical cord from the Superintendent’s room. Afterwards, Henry returns to the room with Walter’s corpse to find that it has disappeared. Jumping down the hole below the cross, Henry finds himself in a final confrontation with Walter and his “true form”.

In the Escape ending, Henry is seen walking away from South Ashfield Heights. One day later, Henry visits Eileen at the hospital (which appears to be St. Jerome’s in the real world). Henry smiles and gives Eileen a bouquet of flowers, alluding that their relationship has strengthened over their previous recognition of one another. Eileen says to him, “Guess I’ll have to find a new place to live, huh?”
In the Mother ending, the same events occur as in the Escape ending. However, instead Eileen says to Henry, “Well, I guess I can go back to South Ashfield Heights now.” Promptly after, Room 302 is seen with blood and rust, indicating that Henry may still be in danger or that the apartment is still haunted by the ghosts of Walters victims.
In the Eileen’s Death ending, Henry awakens in his apartment. He enters his living room to hear a radio reporter announcing the death of Eileen, as well as several other individuals. Although safe, Henry collapses to the floor, realizing that he was not able to protect Eileen.
In the 21 Sacraments ending, little Walter finally is able to enter Room 302, stating he will not let anyone separate him and his mother again. Meanwhile, adult Walter is seen standing in the room while the radio announces the deaths of both Henry and Eileen. In Eileen’s case, she died at St. Jerome’s while a corpse believed to be Henry’s was found in Room 302, mutilated beyond recognition.

Cynthia Velasquez

This is my dream and you don’t even know my name? It’s Cynthia.
—Cynthia teases Henry for not knowing who she is.

Cynthia Velasquez is a character in Silent Hill 4: The Room. A flirtatious Spanish American woman, Cynthia becomes trapped in Walter Sullivan’s Subway Otherworld. She is later murdered with the 16th Sacrament, “Temptation”.

Henry Townshend finds Cynthia in the Subway world, South Ashfield Station, early in the game (she can be seen earlier through the window in Room 302, standing near the subway entrance). She is convinced that she had become trapped in a ‘terrible dream’. After admitting her fear of the place, she asks Henry to help her find a way out of the station, stating that she will repay him with a “special favor”(implied to be sex). During the escort, she becomes nauseous and rushes into the women’s restroom and disappears.

After Henry returns, he discovers her locked in a subway car and reunites with her. Later, Cynthia manages to find an exit of the station and calls Henry over the public address system, but she suddenly screams as Walter Sullivan attacks her. By the time Henry reaches her, Cynthia is already dying. She is covered in blood with the numbers ‘16121’ carved into her left breast. Henry cradles Cynthia in his arms and she then apologizes to Henry for not being able to give him his special favor. Henry comforts her by telling her that it is just a dream and she dies in his arms. Her items left behind are her make-up items that were found scattered around the floor near the crime scene.

Victim 16 (see Walter Sullivan)
When Henry returns to the subway station later in the game, Cynthia has become victim 16 of the 21 Sacraments. She now comes after Henry as the other victims do. She slithers on the ground when being attacked and impales Henry with her bare hands to grab his heart. In the Subway World, she appears at the turnstiles, the Lynch Street Line platform, the men’s bathroom, and the King Street Line Platform. If she wasn’t pinned down in the Subway World, she will appear in the Building World in Garland’s Pet Shop, the alleyway with Chinese restaurants, and a room with the numerous locked doors.


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