Silent Hill: Downpour – Characters

Please bear in mind that as this is a new game, a lot of the character information is speculation at this time

Young Anne

Why did you hurt him? He never did anything to you!

Young Anne is believed to be the younger manifestation of Anne Cunningham as seen in Silent Hill: Downpour.

In Game

Young Anne is seen at St. Maria’s Monastery playing with a boy who looks similar to Murphy’s son, Charlie Pendleton. She believes that Murphy is the Bogeyman and warns the boy not to go anywhere near him. She also tells the boy that Murphy killed his son. Murphy often sees her wandering around the monastery before running away from him and locking the door behind her.
After the boy is killed by the Bogeyman, Murphy mourns his death as he realizes it was his son. Young Anne finds the two and screams, accusing Murphy of killing the boy before running off in terror. Murphy chases after her, fearing that the Bogeyman will kill her too. He eventually finds her in the monastery’s loft, tending to the Wheelman. Murphy approaches them, trying to save the girl from the creature, but the floor beneath him breaks and drops him. Young Anne does not appear again after this.


Young Anne has been speculated to be a manifestation of Anne Cunningham’s hatred to Murphy. For her, Murphy was a cold blooded murderer who deserved to die, making him, to her eyes, the Bogeyman. This idea also seems to be represented in her caring for the Wheelman during the St. Maria’s Monastery Otherworld, as Anne Cunningham cared for Frank Coleridge, her adoptive father, in his vegetable state.

Prior to her appearance at St. Maria’s Monastery, the little girl appears very briefly in the Centennial Building Otherworld, running across a bridge above the water slide. Soon afterward, Anne Cunningham is seen running across a second bridge, which further implies that the two characters have something to do with each other. It’s possible that this could represent the two types of people currently involved with Murphy in the game, one kind pursues him, while the other runs away, both believing that he is a monster.

Frank Coleridge

You can’t undo what you’ve already done, but you can face up to it.
—Coleridge to Murphy

Officer Frank Coleridge was a corrections officer working in Ryall State Penitentiary during Murphy Pendleton’s incarceration. He appears in flashbacks, attempting to endorse Murphy’s release from jail, by presenting his case to the parole board.
In the game’s conclusion, it is revealed that he was the father of Anne Cunningham. George Sewell made a deal with Murphy: in exchange for serving him Patrick Napier, Murphy would have to kill Frank, but Murphy could not bring himself to do it due to his great respect for him. After breaking their deal, Sewell proceeded to beat and stab Frank with a shiv, and framed Murphy for the crime in the end. Frank survived, but was left in a vegetative state, and bound to a wheelchair. It is later revealed that he dies sometime afterwards.


In Silent Hill: Downpour, because of his upstanding morals and benevolence, his image tends to act as Murphy’s conscience, frequently appearing in mirrors and offering advice.
His mysterious appearances hint at Murphy’s dual morality. Sewell represents Murphy’s temptation, encouraging him to walk the path of revenge, while Officer Coleridge, represents Murphy’s conscience, directing him down the path of redemption.

He also haunts Murphy as the wheelchair-bound monster seen throughout the game. The monster symbolizes Murphy’s guilt, since Murphy’s deal with Sewell played a role in his eventual demise.

In the “Full Circle” ending of the game, it is revealed Murphy did in fact murder Frank. This is the only ending where this outcome is actually shown in a flashback.

Anne Cunningham

My father was a good man. He didn’t believe in revenge. But I do.
—Anne talking to Murphy

Anne Marie Cunningham is a corrections officer in Silent Hill: Downpour, as well as the game’s final boss. She is the daughter of the deceased Frank Coleridge, who is believed to have been murdered by Murphy Pendleton, which explains her hostility towards him.
In-game dialogue suggests that Anne embarks on her own journey of self-discovery through Silent Hill and that her experiences in the Otherworld are unique to her character.


During Murphy’s transfer from Ryall State Penitentiary, Anne is the one who oversees his boarding of the prison bus and supervises the prisoners during their transfer. She and Murphy both survive the bus crash, after which she spends most of the game relentlessly pursuing him through Silent Hill.
Soon after the crash, Anne threatens Murphy with a gun and tries to apprehend him, before losing her footing and grabbing onto a ledge above a deep ravine. The player is given the choice of trying to save Anne or leaving her to her fate. Regardless of the players’ choice, she falls anyway.

Anne survives the fall and makes it to the Devil’s Pit mines. She forces Murphy against a wall and proceeds to search him, only to find her father’s mourning police badge, which Murphy found earlier in his new clothes. Shocked by the discovery, Anne angrily asks Murphy where he got the badge, and states that “people like him” don’t deserve to live. She positions her gun with the intent of shooting Murphy, but is unable to do so, and drops to the ground instead. Anne then instructs Murphy to go away, demanding he leave her alone.

Afterwards, she makes her way into the WLMN FM station, interrupting a conversation between Murphy and Bobby Ricks over finding a way out of town. Anne once again draws her gun on Murphy and asks Bobby to hand her his phone, only to realize that it doesn’t work. Seconds later, a pack of Screamers ambushes the radio station, abducting both Bobby and Anne.

As Murphy leaves Silent Hill on a speedboat, Anne appears behind him holding a gun to his head and orders him to turn around. Murphy refuses and tries to convince Anne that going back is not in either of their best interests. Anne states that they have unfinished business, and that their presence in Silent Hill is not coincidental—the town “knows her,” it “showed her things,” and it won’t let them go until they “finish what they started.” Murphy still refuses and adamantly tells her that she will have to shoot him. Anne obliges.

Murphy and Anne are somehow taken to Silent Hill’s Overlook Penitentiary. After Murphy’s battle with the Wheelman, he appears in the Otherworld version of the prison washroom with a badly beaten Frank Coleridge on the floor. Anne appears, noticeably hurt, and claims that Coleridge was a good man, reprimanding Murphy for his actions.

Through a flashback, it is revealed that Murphy was present when Frank was beaten into his wheelchair-bound state. Anne then reveals that she is Coleridge’s daughter and gives a brief eulogy for her father, stating how he was a benevolent person who cared a great deal about other people and how she looked up to and respected him.

Anne readies her gun once more to shoot Murphy and avenge her father, explaining how she had to take care of Coleridge, who was left a vegetable after Murphy’s alleged attack. She says that when she looked at him, she could only see a monster—Murphy Pendleton. In this instance, Murphy transforms before her eyes into the Bogeyman. Anne elaborates on how she had to pull strings, call in favors, and do “sick things” in order to have Murphy transferred to her prison, presumably so that she could kill him herself. Anne finally pulls the trigger and shoots Bogeyman Murphy, leading to a boss battle between the player (as Bogeyman Murphy) and Anne Cunningham.


Depending on the game’s ending, Anne has multiple fates.

Forgiveness: After Bogeyman Murphy decides to spare her, he reverts back to his original human form and Anne forgives him, realizing that he is innocent and was not, in fact, her father’s killer. The two embrace, and reappear at a serene lakeshore, back in reality. The police contact Anne via radio and ask her for her location and whether or not she knows the whereabouts of Murphy Pendleton. Anne lies for Murphy and tells them that he died in the accident. She then tells Murphy that he’d “better go” before the police arrive, and the scene ends with Anne looking out over the lake at the clear skies after the storm.

Truth and Justice: After Bogeyman Murphy decides to spare her, he reverts back to his original human form and Anne forgives him, realizing that he is innocent and was not, in fact, her father’s killer. The two embrace, and reappear next to the crashed bus, back in reality. Murphy tells Anne than he must leave before the police arrive on the scene. Anne thanks Murphy for telling the truth, and the two bid each other farewell. Later on, back at Ryall Penitentiary, Anne, having figured out that Sewell was the person truly responsible for Coleridge’s death, confronts him in his office so that the two can “have a little talk.” She holding a loaded gun behind her back, and the scene fades to black, implying that she took her revenge and murdered Sewell.

Full Circle: Bogeyman Murphy decides to execute Anne and crushes her head with his Sledgehammer, instantaneously killing her.

Execution: Bogeyman Murphy decides to execute Anne and crushes her head with his Sledgehammer, instantaneously killing her.

Reversal: Anne shoots and kills Bogeyman Murphy. She then wakes up in a cell within Ryall State Penitentiary. This ending appears to be a recreation of the intro scene, but this time, Anne replaces Murphy (including the green jumpsuit), and instead of officer Sewell, Murphy appears in his place.

Surprise!: Anne is one of the guests at Murphy’s surprise birthday party.

Howard Blackwood

Howard Blackwood is a character from Silent Hill: Downpour, Silent Hill: Book of Memories and Past Life, the comic.
He was Silent Hill’s postmaster in the 19th century, much to Jebediah Foster’s surprise as he is African American.


Past Life (see Comics Section)

Howard is the first person Jebediah and Esther Foster meet on their way to Silent Hill. Early on he gives subtle indications that he has intimate knowledge of the goings on of Silent Hill, both mundane and esoteric. He shows an incredibly calm and friendly demeanor in every situation he encounters.
When asked how long he’s been in Silent Hill, Howard responds, “A long time… A very long time.” Jebediah then comes to confide in Howard, telling him of his terrible past. It is during this conversation that Howard has a flashback which reveals that he was either a slave tracker or an overseer before being drawn to the town.


Howard’s first appearance in Downpour has him encountering Murphy Pendleton around the time where he first enters Silent Hill, near the Devil’s Pitstop, making a remark regarding the car Murphy was examining. Murphy, cautious of Howard’s obvious awareness of his prisoner status (due to the clothing), tells him that he doesn’t want any trouble and just a way out of town, to which Howard, surprised, says that he’s just trying to be helpful and informs him that all the roads are out. Murphy then notices the Wheelman in the window of the dinner’s hotel, but Howard seems to be oblivious of it. Howard then suggests to Murphy that he can use the old sky tram in order to get to town, despite it not being used since the Devil’s Pit accident. Murphy says that he’ll take his chances and Howard wishes him good luck in finding whatever it is that he’s trying to find, and off he goes to deliver the mail. Murphy decides to check on the window again and asks Howard the name of the town, but later notices Howard mysteriously gone without a trace, despite there being a road cave-in.
In his next appearance, Murphy meets Howard at the rear apartment entrance, which unintentionally scares Murphy. Howard questions Murphy still being in town, to which Murphy replies with not having found an exit, yet. Howard remarks that if he got a nickel for every time he heard people say that, then he wouldn’t be a mail-man at this point. Murphy, frustrated with Howard’s cryptic speech, demands him to tell him what’s going on in Silent Hill, to which Howard, confused, replies with it being a very busy town. Murphy brushes off Howard’s statement and asks him where the radio station is, due to DJ Ricks putting out dedications to him and informs it being a tall clock tower building. He also tells Murphy that he ran into Anne Cunningham and asks Murphy, what did he do to make her so angry, much to Murphy’s confusion. Howard then remarks that in his experience, that if someone’s that angry, then it’s personal. Leaving a confused Murphy behind, yet again he walks off deeper into the cursed town.

In his third and last appearance, he finds Murphy “sleeping” on the bench after the Radio Station Otherworld, remarking that Murphy could catch his death like that. He then gives Murphy a letter, which he claims to be from St. Maria’s Monastery, an orphanage not far on a hill. Murphy, sick and tired of Silent Hill’s nightmares demands Howard a way out. Howard, disappointed tells Murphy that he still doesn’t get the fact that what’s going on is not about what he wants. He then tells Murphy that he himself has mail to deliver. His final words in the game are “Good-bye, Murphy”, before heading off. He says this with great finality, implying that he knew what Murphy was facing.

Patrick Napier

Patrick “Pat” Napier was a sequestered prisoner at Ryall State Corrections Facility, whom Murphy Pendleton brutally beat and stabbed in a dream at the beginning of Silent Hill: Downpour.


Napier was once Murphy Pendleton’s neighbor. This is how he came to know Murphy’s son, Charlie. Napier was a pedophile, who one day approached Charlie in his van and kidnapped him. Presumably after molesting Charlie, Napier drove to a nearby lake, placed Charlie inside a canvas sack, and tossed him into the water, resulting in Charlie’s death.
Sometime later, Napier was arrested for the abduction, sexual assault and murder of an eight-year-old boy named Daniel Stephens. Since Napier was a convicted child molester and registered sex offender, it only took the jury four hours of deliberation to return a guilty verdict against him in the Brahms Courthouse. The guilty verdict came with a mandatory life-without-parole sentence. He was immediately remanded to Ryall State Prison by sheriff’s deputies following the verdict, where he was placed in protective custody and began serving his sentence in complete isolation from other prisoners.


The loss of his son caused Murphy deep emotional damage, sparking his uncontrollable desire for revenge. This desire led him to steal a police cruiser, getting himself arrested in order to be placed in the same facility as Napier. Once there, Murphy struck a deal with a corrupt corrections officer named George Sewell. Since Napier was a sequestered inmate, Murphy was unable to have direct contact with him, so Sewell orchestrated a confrontation between he and Napier, in exchange for his owing him a favor.
Sewell tricked Napier into entering the prison shower room alone with Murphy and several weapons, and locked the exits behind him. Once the two were alone, Murphy brutally beat and stabbed Napier.


Given Napier’s brief appearance at the start of the game and the summary of his character from the rest of the clues in game, it would seem that Napier, like many rapists and pedophiles, has no regret over his crimes. This can be observed through his cool casual demeanor to Murphy Pendleton (before he learned who he really was) and his smug attitude.
According to Dr. Wayne Sara, Chief Psychiatrist at Ryall State Prison, “[Napier] does not suffer from any psychotic or physical disorders. Rather, he has shown continually to have an inordinate interest in young children and manifests significant predatory traits. As a result, I feel he poses an imminent danger to the community should he be released from custody, and is therefore a poor candidate for probation.”

Carol Pendleton

I’ve never truly understood how you could have forgiven me for all the things I did in my life before we met and even after. How you came to know me, see me for what I am, and love me. Now I need your forgiveness more than ever, as I can’t forgive myself.
—Murphy remembering Carol

Carol Pendleton is Murphy’s ex-wife and mother of Charlie Pendleton. The reason behind the breakdown of their marriage was Murphy’s desire for revenge for the death of their son, leading him to be put into jail on purpose, all in order to kill the person responsible.
While exploring Overlook Penitentiary, Murphy finds a letter written to him by Carol, blaming him for the crumble of their marriage.

She makes her visual appearance in the game twice. The first time she is seen is in a flashback involving her and Murphy with a new-born Charlie by her side, and the second time has her present at Murphy’s execution, in the “Execution” ending.

Charlie Pendleton

It’s not your fault.
—Charlie to his father, regarding his death

Charlie Pendleton is a character that appears in Silent Hill: Downpour. He is a young boy and was the son of Murphy Pendleton. He was drowned prior to the events of the game.


Charlie Pendleton was the son of Murphy Pendleton and his ex-wife.
In the “Forgiveness” and “Truth and Justice” endings, the person responsible for Charlie’s death is Patrick Napier. Murphy then purposely got himself into prison in order to avenge his son.

In the “Execution” ending, Murphy drowned his own son in order to get revenge on his wife, who wanted to get full custody of Charlie, after their divorce.


A manifestation of Charlie makes a brief appearance in the game after Murphy kills the Bogeyman. He makes note of how his father killed the monster, to which he responds that it cannot bring him back. Upon this realization, both Charlie and the Bogeyman’s body disappear.

Murphy Pendleton

I never hurt anybody that didn’t deserve it. And I sure as hell never hurt any kids. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.
—Murphy defending himself to JP Sater

Murphy Pendleton is the main character and protagonist of Silent Hill: Downpour. In the beginning of the game, little is known about him or his early life, except for that he was an orphan and grew up at an orphanage similar to St. Maria’s Monastery and that he is prisoner number RS 273A and was arrested and imprisoned at Ryall State Corrections Facility. According to Murphy, he was arrested for car theft and resisting and evading police force. This led to the events of Downpour and Murphy’s adventure into Silent Hill.


Murphy spent his childhood in an orphanage. This impacted him greatly in many ways. He said that he and all the other orphans were extremely grateful for the nuns that ran the orphanage’s support. It is also known that he worked in a cinema as a child.
After he left the orphanage, it is implied that he was involved in criminal behavior (as seen in his thoughts on Carol) but eventually stopped, got married and had a child. Murphy was a happy family man, married to Carol Pendleton, and a loving father to Charlie Pendleton. They used to enjoy flying kites, playing ball, and Murphy taught Charlie about cars, a passion shared by both father and son.
One day, a lurking pedophile by the name of Patrick Napier, who unfortunately also happened to be a neighbor of the Pendletons, kidnapped Charlie. He forced him into his van and drove away to a lake. Once there, Napier put Charlie inside a canvas sack, and threw him into the water, drowning him.
The loss of their child was too much for the parents. Despite attending to marriage counsel to cope with the loss, Murphy’s desire for revenge overwhelmed him. He hijacked a police patrol car and proceed to evade arrest for 10 hours. His arrest marked the break of his marriage, and divorce followed. What Carol did not know is that Murphy did it on purpose, all in order to get access to Napier, and finally get his revenge.


It’s me. Always been me, my own worst enemy, the one who always screws up and lets others down. I’ve tried so many times to start over and find my way to peace, but then… Back in the can the Chaplain told me that I should not punish myself, but it’s the only thing I’ve got left under my control. Maybe this horrible place is exactly where I’ve been heading to all these years.”
-Murphy, thinking of himself

Considering the conversation he has with Howard Blackwood, it would seem that he is indeed a hardened criminal, but he is far from a bad-natured person and is really not looking to hurt anyone — that is, unless he needs to. Frank Coleridge believes him to be different from the other inmates at Ryall because of his good-nature and clean record.
He appears to be soft spoken and mild-mannered; even distant at times, much like James Sunderland of Silent Hill 2.

He seems to have a great deal of pain and self-loathing, caused by the death of his son. The real motive behind his actions is enacting revenge on the person responsible, being Napier.

He does display benevolence and even nobility at times, such as when trying to save a Screamer (whom he thought was a woman at the time) from Sanchez’s abuse. Perhaps this is a way to atone for his sins, or just to make him feel more human. Murphy appears to think aloud or analyze things and talks when he wants, possibly as a way to assuage loneliness. He is also shown to have trust issues, as when he met Howard, he was quite blunt and did not offer his hand to Howard to shake.

Murphy is also shown to have somewhat of a short temper, losing his patience when Howard Blackwood won’t give him a straight answer and in his dealings with the nun. Also, when leaving the Otherworld version of the diner, he yells, “Come on, come on, come on.”

Some choices are presented in game to the player to decide. Given previous dialogue and dialogue after such choices, it can be assumed that if no choice was presented, Murphy would have let Anne fall and taunt J.P, however this is just speculation. Murphy’s personality is left largely ambiguous, however, as many aforementioned decisions of Murphy’s (saving Anne and consoling JP etc.) are left up to the player and ultimately affect the telling of critical events of Murphy’s past. One must take this into account before trying to understand Murphy’s true personality and nature.


Murphy Pendleton, a convicted felon, is the protagonist of Silent Hill Downpour. Murphy has been incarcerated for several years at Ryall State Corrections Facility after stealing a police cruiser. Seeking revenge for unspecified reasons, Murphy strikes a deal with George Sewell, a corrections officer at Ryall, to secretly grant him access to a sequestered inmate, Patrick Napier, in the prison shower room. After reminding a confused Napier that they used to be neighbors, Murphy savagely beats him and the scene cuts to black before Murphy lands the finishing blow.
Sometime later, following a riot at Ryall, Murphy and a few other inmates are scheduled for transfer to Wayside Maximum Security Prison. They are accompanied on the transport bus by Anne Cunningham, a Wayside corrections officer who seems to hold particular disdain for Murphy. The bus route passes just outside of eastern Silent Hill. Here, the road suddenly drops off into nothingness, forcing the driver to pull on the wheel which sends the bus through the road barriers, and cascading down a hill.

Murphy regains consciousness in a forest next to the wrecked bus and decides to make a run for it. Anne finds him in the wilderness and attempts to apprehend him, but slips above a deep ravine, barely managing to hold on. Here, the player as Murphy can choose to either leave her or try to save her. Either way, she falls into the chasm.

Murphy continues on, winding up on the outskirts of Silent Hill, where he meets Howard Blackwood, an eerily calm mailman. During their brief, cryptic conversation, Howard tells Murphy that the roads are all out and that the best way to leave town is via the nearby sky-tram. Suddenly, Murphy glimpses a mysterious, wheelchair-bound creature in the window of a nearby house. Apparently not seeing the figure, Howard excuses himself to go deliver the rest of his mail.

Somewhat confused, Murphy makes his way to the abandoned Devil’s Pitstop diner. In the kitchen, Murphy finds a gas leak and tries to turn it off, but accidentally starts a fire in the process. He activates the sprinklers to put out the fire, but as the sprinklers fill the room with water, the diner transforms into a water-filled hell. Exploring this new environment, Murphy encounters the Void, which rapidly sucks in everything around it. Realizing he can’t fight the entity, Murphy flees and eventually finds himself back in the normal version of the diner.

Murphy surveys the area surrounding the diner and enters an abandoned house, finding a fellow prisoner, Sanchez, attacking what seems to be a helpless woman. Murphy intervenes, but the “woman” turns out to be a Screamer, who then kills Sanchez. Horrified, Murphy attacks the monster and defeats it. He decides to explore further, eventually finding a change of clothes and a police badge. The badge is decorated with a black mourning band, indicating that its owner is dead. After changing out of his prison attire, Murphy plays the arcade-puzzle Jail Break and gets a ticket for the sky-tram, which takes him to the Devil’s Pit gorge in southeastern Silent Hill.

There, Murphy meets JP Sater, a depressed former tour guide for the Devil’s Pit’s various attractions and tours. JP tells Murphy of an old railcar train in the mines that can take him into the main town. In the caverns, Murphy discovers a newspaper article detailing a train derailment in the Devil’s Pit that resulted in the deaths of eight children, implicating JP’s on-the-job drinking as the cause. Soon after, Murphy finds a suicidal JP hanging over a lookout rail, and the player is given the choice to either console him or taunt him. Either way, JP jumps to his death. Murphy finds and powers up the railcar, but his ride through the mines turns into a hellish tour populated by monsters that try to kill him. The train derails, and Murphy loses consciousness.

Murphy awakens near an exit, but runs into a bloodied Anne who tries to apprehend him. Despite Murphy’s pleas to cooperate, Anne remains adamant. While making the arrest, Anne inspects his person and finds the mourning badge. She becomes distraught, having apparently known its previous owner. In a fit of rage, she nearly shoots Murphy, claiming that people like him do not deserve to live, but is unable to bring herself to do it and breaks down into tears instead. Anne tells him to leave her alone, and Murphy reluctantly agrees.

Murphy wanders Silent Hill’s main streets and encounters more hellish monsters. When it begins raining, he takes refuge in an abandoned building, where a nearby radio picks up broadcasts from DJ Bobby Ricks. Some of the broadcasts are song requests specifically made out to Murphy; others are quiet pleas for help from anyone who’s listening. When the rain dies down, Murphy begins searching for Ricks and runs into Howard Blackwood. He tells Murphy that the radio station is located in the Centennial Building, before walking off again into the fog.

At the Centennial Building, Murphy has a vision of Ryall Prison, where Sewell goes over their plan to kill Napier and ominously tells Murphy, “You owe me one.”

Murphy finds Ricks, who initially behaves in an unusually casual manner, but soon starts speaking in hushed tones, as if somebody or something is listening in. Ricks reveals that he has been operating the radio station for a very long time, waiting for help. He tells Murphy of a boat docked at the marina, that they can use to escape the town, but goes on to say that they must first find the boat’s keys, which were apparently stolen by an intruder. When Murphy suggests hot-wiring the boat, Ricks says that it won’t work, as the town has “rules” that must be followed. Before they can leave, Anne walks in, once again determined to arrest Murphy. However, as an apparent punishment for Ricks breaking the “rules,” Screamers ambush the studio and kidnap both him and Anne. Murphy is left all alone, as the building shifts to a prison-like Otherworld. Murphy flees the Void, encounters the Wheelman again, and ends up falling off the exterior of the building’s clock tower.

Waking up on a bench back in the “fog” world, Murphy once again meets Howard, who gives him a letter requesting his presence at St. Maria’s Monastery. Confused and frustrated, Murphy originally refuses to accept the letter, but after Howard explains that it isn’t about what Murphy wants (suggesting that Howard knows more about the goings-on of Silent Hill than he initially let on), Murphy, given no other choice, accepts the letter and continues on. Murphy passes through the stormy town and arrives at the broken-down monastery, where a nun cryptically tells him, “You were the only family we were able to locate.” She asks Murphy to look around the place, and to come to the building’s morgue whenever he’s ready.

Murphy finds the monastery in a very dilapidated state, and must take an alternate route to the morgue. On the way he encounters a small boy on the other side of a locked door. The boy refuses to unlock the door because he believes that Murphy is the Bogeyman, as he’s been told by an unnamed crying girl. The only way Murphy can prove he isn’t the Bogeyman is by reciting a poem that the children of the monastery’s orphanage recite to make the Bogeyman disappear. As he treks through the monastery to gather the pieces of the poem, flashbacks reveal that Murphy’s son Charlie drowned in a lake a few years ago. In the present, Murphy returns to the locked door. The real Bogeyman appears in the room and slowly approaches the boy. Murphy desperately struggles to recite the poem, but the Bogeyman kills the boy before he can finish. The Bogeyman then drops the boy and places a finger to the mouth of his mask, shushing Murphy, as he concludes the poem.

The door unlocks and Murphy approaches the boy, now in the form of his son Charlie. He mourns his death, but is interrupted by a young girl who accuses him of killing the boy/Charlie. She runs, and Murphy gives chase, scared that the Bogeyman will get her too. The monastery transforms into the Otherworld during the chase, forcing Murphy to dodge the Void and at one point even the Bogeyman himself. Eventually Murphy winds up in the morgue with the nun from the entrance standing next to a covered gurney. Murphy tells her that there has been a mistake, and that he buried his son years before. The nun replies that everyone grieves in their own way, and removes the sheet from the gurney, revealing a “dead” Bogeyman underneath. Angered, Murphy cries that it isn’t his son, it’s a murderer; but the nun insists that Murphy accept him as his own, calmly informing him of the perils of revenge and the path that Murphy has set himself upon by pursuing it. Murphy admits that what he did to Patrick Napier did not solve anything, but still attempts to rationalize his behavior. She simply says that the answers are right in front of him if he chooses to look.

Murphy notices a key with a silver keychain labeled “freedom” around the Bogeyman’s neck, matching the description of Ricks’ missing boat keys. The nun tells him that they are his if he wants them, but only if he accepts the Bogeyman as his own. Murphy takes the keys, but the Bogeyman springs to life and attacks Murphy. They are both transported to a forest area by a lakeshore, where they engage in battle. Murphy gains the upper hand and defeats the Bogeyman with its own hammer. He then finds himself back in the morgue with the Bogeyman dead and unmasked on the gurney, its face alternating between those of Murphy and Napier. Charlie appears and congratulates his father on defeating the Bogeyman. Murphy tells him that it doesn’t matter and that it won’t bring him back, to which Charlie comforts him by saying that that isn’t his fault.

Now with the boat keys, Murphy makes his way out of the monastery through the sewers and goes to the marina. He starts Ricks’ boat and departs from Silent Hill, but Anne soon appears behind him with a gun, ordering him to turn the boat around and return to Silent Hill. She tells him that the town showed her things, that it knows her, and that the town won’t release either of them until they settle their unfinished business. Murphy refuses to return, and tells her “You may as well shoot me.” Anne obliges.

A flashback shows a meeting between Sewell and Murphy back at the prison. Sewell reminds Murphy that he set up the meeting between him and Napier, the man who killed Charlie, and looked the other way; and that it is time for Murphy to return the favor. Sewell tells Murphy that his job is to kill an unnamed individual, assumed to be an inmate, who “deserves it.” He then explains that there will be a riot at the prison that evening, allowing Murphy to slip away to the showers, where he will find this person.

Murphy wakes up inside a prison cell in Overlook Penitentiary, with the Wheelman sitting right outside the bars watching him. After a few seconds he wheels off and the doors open, allowing Murphy to explore the prison. He finds a note addressed to him, telling him to meet someone in the showers. Progressing through the prison and fighting enemies, Murphy eventually makes his way to the showers. Inside are four crime scene markers, indicating a pool of blood, a prison shank, a mourning police badge, and a bag of crime scene evidence. After examining all four, a voice calls out behind him followed by the glow of a flashlight. Murphy approaches the light which shuts off as soon as he nears it, and blood begins to seep underneath the doors. Opening them, Murphy finds another shower section with a bagged body lying in the center of the floor.

As Murphy approaches the body, the world around him transitions to the Otherworld. Murphy races through it, avoiding enemies and the Void yet again, and eventually reaches a large door with two giant Scales of Justice hanging before it. Murphy places the prison shank, the bag of crime scene evidence, and the mourning badge on one scale and the doors open. Inside, surrounded by platforms and prison cells, is a much larger version of the Wheelman who has been haunting Murphy throughout the game. The monster quickly becomes hostile and Murphy must run around the room, pulling out the monster’s life support tubes to defeat it.

After the Wheelman is defeated, Murphy finds himself back in the showers with the feeble version of the monster’s body lying dead at his feet. Anne enters, and is horrified at what Murphy has done. Confused, Murphy looks down and finds in place of the Wheelman’s body, the body of Frank Coleridge, a friendly police officer from Ryall who had persistently warned Murphy about socializing with Sewell. A flashback reveals that when Murphy made his way into the showers the night of the prison riot, armed with a prison shank hidden behind his back, Frank Coleridge was the one waiting for him. Coleridge tells Murphy that Sewell was supposed to meet him there, before noticing that Murphy is concealing something behind his back. Sewell enters the room and tries to convince Murphy to kill Coleridge and uphold his end of the bargain, while Coleridge attempts to talk Murphy into dropping his weapon.

In the present, Anne reveals that Coleridge was her father. She tells Murphy that he was a good man and that she idolized him, even following in his footsteps to become a cop. After Frank Coleridge was attacked, he fell into a vegetative state; having to rely on a wheelchair and life support until the day he died. Because at this point, Anne is unaware of Sewell’s involvement in her father’s murder, she tells Murphy that every time she looked at her father in his deteriorating physical state, she only saw a monster: Murphy. Murphy then transforms into the Bogeyman before her as she describes how she had to pull strings, call in favors, and do “sick things” in order to have Murphy transferred to the prison where she worked, presumably so that she could kill him herself. After concluding her speech, Anne shoots Murphy, who then pursues her in his Bogeyman state. Depending on whether the player survives this encounter or not, along with the moral choices they have made throughout the game and whether or not they decide to kill Anne or spare her, the conclusion of the battle and Murphy’s fate varies.


Just like all Silent Hill games, Downpour has multiple endings, designed to show the many ways the game could end. It also includes a joke ending, like most of the series.


Murphy tells the truth to Anne, that he was not responsible for the death of her father. Realizing this, she forgives him, recognizing that Murphy was indeed a good man who only cared about his son. Leaving the desire of revenge behind, both Murphy and Anne appear at the shore of what seem to be Toluca lake. She reports that Murphy is dead, and then, after a farewell, he walks away to start a new life.

Full Circle

After killing Anne, and realizing he had also killed Frank, Murphy enters in a state of shock and freezes in horror at the sight of what he has become. Destroyed, he grabs Anne’s pistol and points it at his own head and shoots, trying to end the ordeal once and for all. However, he wakes up again, exactly on the same spot when first arriving at Overlook Penitentirary. Murphy then hears the voices of Howard, Bobby Ricks and JP and realizes he too is stuck in an endless loop, doomed to spend an eternity in the town as a permanent resident.

Truth and Justice

This ending is very similar to the Forgiveness ending. However, Murphy and Anne reappear at the bus crash site, under a heavy storm. Before leaving, Murphy explains that he must go. After this, Anne is seen again in Ryall State Penitentiary. She goes to visit Sewell at his office with a gun hidden on her back, and tells him that Frank Coleridge was her father, and that she and Sewell “need to talk”. This ending implies that Anne still has a certain desire of revenge on herself.


The screen quickly fades and reveals an execution chamber at Ryall State. Murphy was scheduled to be executed for the murder of his own son, a crime he committed in retaliation on his wife for taking Charlie’s custody away from him. He was also convicted of the murder of Officer Frank Coleridge. Before the lethal injection is administered, Sewell asks Murphy for his final words. He answers “See you in hell, cupcake” before dying. A conversation Murphy had with JP in game suggests that this ending is not canon.


Murphy is seen digging a hole with a spoon in order to run away from Overlook Penitentiary. After he reaches the surface, he realizes there is a surprise birthday party for him, with a large cake on top of a stretch in the middle of the room. The party guests include James, Mary, Laura, Heather, Anne, Frank, Sewell, the little boy from the monastery, Ricks, two Nurses and Pyramid Head, who cuts the cake (and in humorous excess, the table below it) in half with his Great Knife.


In the alternate reality this ending shows, Murphy is now a Ryall State Security Officer, replacing Sewell. In his place, as a prisoner, is now Anne, who looks in horror as she has become what she most hated: Murphy.

Reasons for Incarceration

Depending on how the players play the game, and the ending they receive, the reasons for Murphy’s incarceration in prison vary.

Car theft, resisting and evading – the cannonical reason for the incarceration. After a short period of time following his son’s death, Murphy stole a police cruiser and led the police on a ten hour chase to the Eastern Seaboard. Murphy was eventually caught and incarcerated at the Ryall State Corrections Facility. Shortly after, divorce with his wife, Carol, followed. What she didn’t know, however, is that Murphy got himself imprisoned, all in order to take revenge on Napier, the person responsible for his son’s death.

Speculation behind Charlie’s murder – the non-canonical reason for his incarceration. The “Execution” ending reveals that Murphy supposedly murdered his son four years prior to the events of the game, in revenge on his wife, Carol, seeking sole custody of him, following their divorce. Murphy’s conversation with JP suggests that this ending is not canon, as Murphy states that he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he hurt any kids.

Bobby Ricks

Speaking of which, this next one goes out to Murphy Pendleton. A lost soul on a stroll. You keep on keeping on, bro and your pal DJ Ricks will do the same, playing the music y’all wanna hear.
—Ricks to Murphy via radio.

Bobby Ricks is a character in Silent Hill: Downpour. He is a radio DJ on the local radio station WLMN FM. According to Howard Blackwood, Ricks operates the radio station in the clock tower, which is a famous landmark in game.


After Murphy Pendleton makes his way into the radio station, Ricks tell him he’s been stuck there playing records for a very long time, and he seems to be aware that Silent Hill is not a normal place, and there are rules you must follow. He plans to leave the town using a boat at the marina, but the keys were stolen during a ransack on the station. During this conversation, Anne Cunningham appears and holds Murphy at gunpoint. Moments after, a pack of Screamers attack the place, leaving behind only Murphy.
Regarding his fate, the comment under his photo in the Main Menu Gallery reads that his cowardice was the reason he was stuck inside the radio station. He had a plan to get out, but the lack of courage to do it on his own, instead calling for help over and over through the radio, was the reason for him remaining trapped in Silent Hill.

JP Sater

What happened – that was an accident. I didn’t mean to hurt nobody. I didn’t murder nobody. Murder’s a mortal sin; you go to hell for murder.
—JP to Murphy Pendleton

JP Sater is a character from Silent Hill: Downpour, and the former tour guide of Devil’s Pit.


At some point of his career as a tourist guide, he was responsible for an accident involving one of the attractions, which caused the death of eight children. His job consisted in regulating the mine’s underground carts, which worked like a roller coaster and was one of the children’s favorite attractions.
On one occasion of operating the mine carts, JP was heavily intoxicated. Because of his negligence, the mine carts derailed, killing the eight children aboard the carts at the time. He obviously lost his job, and he is still haunted by the incident when Murphy Pendleton meets him on the balconies of Devil’s Pit.

Given his demeanor, it can be assumed that JP had been contemplating suicide for some time. He is quite blunt with Murphy and is almost no help. JP, like Howard Blackwood and Ricks had been trapped in Silent Hill for a long time. This is suggested in the Full Circle ending and that he is stuck in an endless loop of death and resurrection. Since he does not face his guilt for the accident, he is trapped in Silent Hill, and not even suicide can get him out. Instead of trying to escape, he merely took the easy way out.

Before exiting Devil’s Pit, JP is seen standing in an overlook contemplating suicide, since the guilt of the accident was too much for him to bear. He assured it was an accident, trying to avoid the truth that he was the only person responsible for the death of the children. The player is then given the choice to either taunt or console him. Either way, he jumps to his death into the chasm below.


Despite having long lost his job as tour guide, JP seems to still hold great enthusiasm for it, as he is quite eager to insert trivia about Devil’s Pit into his conversation with Murphy when given even the slightest opportunity, such as explaining how deep the cavern is while hanging from the other side of the railing. When Murphy shows no interest in this, JP is quite gruff and blunt, claiming he has better things to do than show him the way out of the mines. He is unhelpful and cryptic towards Murphy, but somehow knows a good deal about him, knowing his name without being told and making scathing comments that imply he knows Murphy’s sins.
Murphy’s comments in the character gallery suggest that JP may have pitied him at the end, possibly because of the similarities of their crimes and the guilt they both suffered, or because JP recognized Murphy’s denial as exactly what he had been doing all along. Both men blamed their fates on circumstances, JP claiming that his crime was an accident while Murphy claimed that his was necessary.

George Sewell

Officer George Sewell is one of the antagonists of Silent Hill: Downpour. He is one of the corrections officers at Ryall State Corrections Facility, and as such, appears mostly in dream sequences and flashbacks during Murphy Pendleton’s stay in Silent Hill, serving to remind him of his past crimes. Sewell is a cruel and snide character who manipulates the inmates at Ryall for his own benefit.


During Murphy’s incarceration, Sewell had offered him a deal. In exchange for assisting Murphy in the murder of Napier (the man responsible for the death of Murphy’s son) and looking the other way, Murphy would owe him an undisclosed favor to be repaid at a later time.
According to Frank Coleridge, who briefly overhears the two talking, this is not the first deal that Sewell has made with an inmate, and he warns Murphy that Sewell’s deals don’t usually work out so well for the people that he has made them with. Regardless, Murphy accepts.

Sewell eventually reveals that in order for Murphy to fulfill his end of the deal, he would have to murder another man, who Sewell claims “deserves it”. Sewell instructs Murphy to meet the man in the washroom, just as he did with Napier, during a planned prison riot so that the guards would be too distracted to notice his absence. Murphy reluctantly agrees.

During the day of the prison riot, Murphy enters the washroom, only to discover that the ‘man’ is actually Officer Frank Coleridge. Sewell appears and orders Murphy to uphold his end of the bargain. The rest of the scene is revealed later in the game based on the ending received.

Sewell’s first appears in-game as he chaperones Murphy on the day of his prison transfer, facetiously saying that he is “Sorta sorry to see you go.”


Depending on the game’s ending, Sewell has multiple fates and plays different roles in the death of Frank Coleridge.

Forgiveness: When Murphy refuses to kill Frank Coleridge, Sewell is prompted to do so himself and he begins to relentlessly beat Coleridge, ultimately leaving him in a vegetative state. Sewell then proceeds to frame Murphy for the crime. It is revealed in this ending that Murphy was unable to murder Patrick Napier, so Sewell finished the job for him.

Truth and Justice: When Murphy refuses to kill Frank Coleridge, Sewell is prompted to do so himself and he begins to relentlessly beat Coleridge, ultimately leaving him in a vegetative state. Sewell then proceeds to frame Murphy for the crime. Having figured out that Sewell is the one truly responsible for the death of her father, Anne Cunningham confronts Sewell in his office so that the two can “talk.” She is seen holding a loaded gun behind her back, as the scene fades to black, implying that she took her revenge and murdered Sewell.

Execution: Sewell appears at Murphy’s execution, handling his paperwork and giving authorization. Sewell asks Murphy if he has any last words, to which Murphy coldly responds “I’ll see you in hell… cupcake.”

Surprise: Sewell is one of the guests at Murphy’s surprise birthday party.


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