Silent Hill: Downpour – Monsters

The Bogeyman
The Bogeyman (not to be confused with the Bogeyman of Silent Hill: Homecoming) is a monster who appears in Silent Hill: Downpour. He is, essentially, Murphy Pendleton’s equivalent to Pyramid Head or the Butcher. Murphy encounters him several times throughout his trek through Silent Hill, menacing him and others. He is also shown to have a similar role towards Anne Cunningham, who also must contend with the Bogeyman. He wields his Great Hammer and follows Murphy and Anne relentlessly.

The Bogeyman appears as a massive humanoid, towering over every other humanoid in the game. His huge frame is housed in a heavy black raincoat, with his face completely obscured by a gas mask. He also wears heavy rubber boots and thick rubber gloves. The Bogeyman’s coat has several chains, studs, and stitches adorning it. Interestingly, he doesn’t have any immediately recognizable deformities or torture implements in his appearance—at least none that can be seen with his obscuring coat. The Bogeyman’s signature weapon is a massive sledgehammer, which appears to be made from a cinder block at the end of a long metal pipe.

The Bogeyman’s behavior is that of pure menace, plodding around with his massive hammer and intimidating stature. His movements are slow and deliberate, yet always conveying a kind of ruthless brutality. He is also shown to be a relentless murderer, going so far as to snap a child’s neck with one hand, making a “hush” gesture towards the horrified Murphy. The Bogeyman’s raw strength is also impressive, able to lift a grown man with one hand and fling him across the room. This strength is even more dangerous with his sledgehammer in hand, as he is able to outright kill even the toughest monsters with one slow but mighty swing. He is also able to send out strangely accurate shockwaves that travel great distances, as well as destroy surrounding architecture.

The Doll is a monster that appears in Silent Hill: Downpour. It attacks by spawning Shadows: translucent silhouettes of the original monster that are capable of movement.

Dolls are nearly stationary monsters, often seen posing like department store mannequins. They are humanoid, resembling a slim woman with pale skin that has a plasticine sheen to it. Dolls are dressed provocatively in a short, dark dress with a bright red or pink bra underneath. Some are completely naked except for red liquid splashed across their bodies. They have platinum blonde or silver hair that is cut in a modern style. Some Dolls are missing most of their faces, with a large cavity suggesting that their nose, mouth, and jaw have been smashed off. Others have expressions indicative of sex toys. They seem to be made of plaster or ceramics, as they will crumble slightly when struck. However, once incapacitated, Dolls move more organically when struck on the ground. Murphy can also see them running very fluidly as they run by well out of harm’s reach.
The Shadows of the Doll are perfect silhouettes of the Doll itself, but they are nearly impossible to see. They move in a lunging fashion. Occasionally when illuminated they will be outlined faintly in white, but this may be a game mechanic to make them easier to battle. It can be noted that the Shadows are slightly easier to see when not looked at directly by the player. Dolls and their shadows also frequently let out soft, wheezing cackles and giggles.

Dolls can be rather manipulative, and may try to trick Murphy into coming closer by letting out loud, sobbing cries from a distance; however, once Murphy is close enough to be attacked, the Doll will laugh menacingly and spawn Shadows.
Dolls have a rather limited mobility, often remaining totally still, but the Shadows they spawn are fast, aggressive, and nearly invisible. If Murphy has a Forensic Flashlight, he can use its UV beam to help locate Shadows. A standard flashlight beam won’t produce the same effect, but it can help you spot Shadows in particularly dark rooms.

Depending on the situation, Murphy may wish to attack a Doll directly. Attacking the Doll until she is incapacitated will cause any spawned Shadows to collapse and lie still. Alternatively, the player can focus entirely on the incoming Shadows. Block a Shadow’s strike, then counter with an attack. Each time the player defeat a Shadow, its Doll takes damage. If the player defeats the Doll, her Shadow simply vanishes.

Monocle Man
Monocle Man is the name given to a monster in Silent Hill: Downpour. It can speak fluent English, verbally tormenting Murphy Pendleton during their brief and only encounter at the climax of the cavern train ride in Devil’s Pit.

This monster resembles a draped face stretched tightly outward with hooks and chains, with palish-gray skin and a monocle on its left eye. Monocle Man possesses the ability to talk, uttering the sole words, “Did you enjoy the ride, Murphy?”

Prisoner Juggernaut
The Prisoner Juggernaut is a big, muscular monster that is seen in Silent Hill: Downpour. In the first encounter with this monster, it is seen ripping off a metal gate so that it can engage Murphy Pendleton. In addition to being encountered in standard monster fights, they can reach through cell bars to grab Murphy as he passes. They are dominant to the smaller Prisoner Minion, on one occasion leading them around on leashes like dogs.

Juggernauts look very similar to the smaller Minions, appearing as pale-skinned humans with tattoos covering their bodies and their faces twisted into permanent grins. They lack the metal contraptions of the Minions, but are instead wrapped tightly in barbed wire in several places around their body such as wrapped loosely around their midsections and tightly around their arms. It appears that this barbed wire is threaded into their faces as well, keeping their expression frozen and leaving deep indentations in their flesh. True to their name, Juggernauts are huge and inhumanly strong, with incredibly built physiques.

The Juggernaut only appears in scripted encounters toward the end of the game in Overlook Penitentiary. This imposing enemy uses his devastating charge attack to get into melee range; then he follows up with a series of powerful strikes. Juggernauts also have an enormous amount of stamina, able to absorb huge amounts of punishment from melee strikes and firearms alike. They also frequently ignore blows, shrugging them off and following through with their viscous attacks.
When facing a Juggernaut, it’s generally best to dodge his charge. Land a few hits while the enemy turns to face Murphy, then use basic melee tactics; block the Juggernaut’s strikes and counterattack upon finding an opening. However, the Juggernaut is one of the monsters that the player is advised to flee from or use a firearm on.

Prisoner Minion
The Prisoner Minion is a monster in Silent Hill: Downpour. They wear a metal contraption on their heads. There are two types of Prisoner Minions: Brawlers and Stabbers. There is a larger, more powerful variant called the Prisoner Juggernaut. One such Juggernaut is shown walking around with a Brawler and a Stabber on “leashes”, with hooks dug into their backs and being forced to walk around on all fours like dogs.

Prisoner minions appear to be dark-skinned, tortured humanoids covered in tattoos and lacerations. They all wear ragged brown pants secured with a cord. Their most distinctive feature however, is the series of metal straps digging into their face. These metal strips contort their face, forcing open their completely blank white eyes and keeping their mouths twisted into inhumanly huge open-mouthed grins. The straps appear to be bolted to their heads, and blood constantly drips from their mouths, covering their fronts. Stabbers are even more deformed, with withered left arms, and the flesh of their knife-wielding hand mutated and fused into a tumorous lump.
They display a lot of violent twitching, having quick spasms and convulsions from the waist up very constantly. When left idle and unaware of Murphy’s presence, they appear to grapple with their restraints, trying in vain to remove them.

The Brawler is a powerful, straightforward melee fighter. These creatures have no special abilities to speak of, but they do have some very effective strikes. Brawlers tend to attack head on, just jabbing and throwing punches and kicks. Basic melee tactics should allow Murphy defeat a lone Brawler with minimal effort.
The Stabber is a more agile variation of the Prisoner Minion. Stabbers tend to move in and out of melee range, which makes it much more difficult to counterattack after a successful block. Their erratic movements can also make it fairly difficult to land ranged attacks. Try to time Murphy’s strikes to hit the Stabber as he moves into range.

The Screamer is a monster in Silent Hill: Downpour.
She has the ability to stun Murphy Pendleton with a piercing scream. Her attacks vary from concentrated jabs to wild swinging with her fists. She can also alert or call other screamers to aid her in battle making her a tough enemy if surrounded. The Screamers seem to be able to work together for a common goal, which is usually to kill Murphy. They are the weakest enemies in the game.

The Screamer is humanoid in appearance and resembles a woman wearing a tattered dress and high-heeled boots. They have dark, gray-toned skin with deformed, stretched-tight flesh on their face, inhumanly wide mouths, thin, wispy hair, and empty, bleeding eyes. Screamers’ weapons are their hands, which are permanently affixed in a fist thanks to the several nails driven from the top of their hands through their fingers, which they jab and slash with. Their garb is ripped in many places exposing tattered flesh underneath.

Screamers are among the most common enemies in the game. The player will encounter more powerful enemies, but the Screamer’s unique abilities make her a dangerous opponent. At close range, the Screamer usually just attacks with quick strikes. From farther away, however, this creature tends to make use of her incapacitating scream. When the player sees a Screamer inhale, they should run in to interrupt the attack, run out of range, or take cover behind a suitable object. If Murphy allows a Screamer to slip behind him, the creature might jump on his back. When this happens, the player must follow the on screen prompts to shake the Screamer loose. The Screamer’s incapacitating attacks are particularly troublesome when other creatures are in the area. When the player faces multiple opponents, they should consider dealing with any Screamers before they deal with more imposing enemies.

The Void
The Void is an enemy in Silent Hill: Downpour. It resembles a bright red light. It pursues Murphy Pendleton relentlessly through the game’s many Otherworld levels and sucks in everything around it. When it gets close to Murphy, the environment visually distorts and time slows down; if Murphy doesn’t quickly escape, he will die. The Void cannot be killed and Murphy’s only option is to flee until he reaches a safe distance.

The Void first appears in the Otherworldly Devil’s Pitstop diner, as Murphy searches for a way out of his watery prison. He solves a simple turn-table puzzle and proceeds through a door, only to come into contact with the beast. Realizing he can’t fight it, Murphy sprints down a hallway and eventually escapes. After another turn-table puzzle, the Void chases Murphy again. He escapes a second time by fleeing up a never-ending staircase, where the Void eventually stops pursuing.
The Void returns in the Centennial Building Otherworld, chasing Murphy through a looping series of corridors until he finds the right exit. It soon reappears and chases him through an upside-down version of the building.

In the Otherworld version of St. Maria’s Monastery, the Bogeyman drops Murphy into a cavernous area where he encounters the Void once again. He runs through another circuitous route before finding a hidden path that leads back to the upper levels.

During the game’s climactic sequence at Overlook Penitentiary, the Void appears immediately after the prison’s shift to the Otherworld, and chases Murphy through a maze of branching corridors. The entity reappears near the end of the Otherworld, at a series of staircases going up past several tiers of cell blocks. Once Murphy reaches the elevator taking him down to the Wheelman’s room, the Void disappears for good.

Wall Corpse
It resembles a human torso impaled in a metal contraption, which looks like the Halo of the Sun, a representative symbol of the Order. The creature is possibly related to the Tormented Soul.

For the most part, Wall Corpses are more like environmental hazards than actual enemies. It’s usually better to simply avoid them. These creatures shoot out harmful fluids, alternating between a single spray and two quick sprays. To slip past a Wall Corpse without taking damage, move immediately after its rapid fire attack. Toward the end of the game, Murphy will find Wall Corpses mounted on wheels. With their enhanced mobility, these creatures are much more dangerous. When the player spots one of these enhanced Wall Corpses, try to shoot it before it has a chance to attack.

The Wheelman
The Wheelman is the penultimate boss of Silent Hill: Downpour.

This monster appears throughout the game in a much lesser form, cloaked in hospital garb, while taunting Murphy Pendleton. It is first seen by Murphy in the window of an abandoned house near Devil’s Pitstop.

The Wheelman resembles a giant, emaciated corpse fused with a wheelchair and life-support machinery. The underside of the ribcage/stomach area is largely exposed and has numerous tubes and machinery plugged into it. It also has numerous segments of wire and metal fused into its body. Its face is completely mutilated into a pulpy mass, with a horribly tumor-like growth on one half of its face and a single, skinned eye on the other half. It has skinny legs which seem to be tied to its wheelchair and can only be seen when it writhes in pain. Huge tanks of blood surround its environment, as well as clear fluids and gigantic air-pumps.

The Wheelman is a massive creature, and Murphy has no way of confronting it directly. In order to damage it, Murphy must forcefully remove all four of the huge life support hoses attached to the scaffolding around it. If Murphy tries to remove them without first distracting the Wheelman, it interrupts him by violently slamming its fist down on him. It will also do this as Murphy tries to cross large sections of the catwalk. Murphy must ride up on top of the air pumps like elevators and blind the Wheelman by pointing a spotlight in its eye, giving him an opportunity to ride back down and remove the hoses.
The Wheelman has a few methods of attack, other than the aforementioned fist slams. It seems to have telekinetic powers, as it creates distortions in the air and gathers loose debris in a cluster before hurling it at Murphy’s current location. A shotgun blast will disrupt it and cause it to drop its current collection, however. It also rips open cells to free other monsters should Murphy retreat out of its sight. Its last, although seemingly unintentional, attack is to summon forth huge bolts of lightning on Murphy’s location when it starts raining. While it does this it flails and sparks, obviously being shocked violently by its life support during the downpour.

Weeping Bat
The Weeping Bat is a creature in Silent Hill: Downpour. It shows itself to be very quiet, and attaches itself to walls and ceilings, dropping down nimbly behind its prey before attacking.

This creature has grayish-toned skin, with sunken and deformed areas of flesh on its face. They have massive mouths with what seem to be huge clefts in their upper lips, and tiny eyes sunken deep into their flesh. The upper torso is heavily defined with muscle, while its appendages remain very thin. Weeping Bats are massive creatures, their legs reaching Murphy Pendleton’s shoulders. They attack with their three-clawed hands, with similar ones on their feet which they use to cling to rock. Some Weeping Bats have pinkish skin mottled with deep red vein-like patterns.

Weeping Bats are fairly tough on the ground, but they’re most effective when attacking from above. These creatures can cling to overhead surfaces, which allows them to move in and out of melee range very quickly. If a ceiling is low enough, a Weeping Bat can strike without touching the ground. If the ceiling is too high for a quick strike, the creature attempts to pounce on Murphy. When ranged attacks aren’t an option, Murphy must lure the creature to the ground before he can attack. Run around the area until the Weeping Bat drops down from the ceiling, then land some strikes before it has a chance to retreat. A well timed hit should interrupt most of this creature’s melee attacks, but watch out for its powerful, double fist attack. When a Weeping Bat raises both arms above its head, block the incoming strike, then resume attacking.


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