Silent Hill: Homecoming – Characters

Curtis Ackers

It’s a damn shame the way people mistreat such nice things.
—Curtis to Alex, and later to Elle

Curtis Ackers is a resident of Shepherd’s Glen during the events of Silent Hill: Homecoming and one of its two antagonists, the other being Margaret Holloway. He is proprietor of the town scrapyard, and works therein as a mechanic and general handyman. He’s an old, gruff man who apparently knows Adam Shepherd, Alex’s father, very well. He speaks in a gravely, somewhat detached voice.


Alex Shepherd first comes across Curtis while investigating the state of Shepherd’s Glen. He is found alone, inside his shop. In exchange for an old, broken pistol Alex found at home, Curtis gives him a functioning firearm. In the course of conversation he expresses his frustration with the town clocks, explaining that, despite his attempts, he is unable to get them working again. He points out to Alex that each and every one has stopped at 2:06.
During the kidnapping of Alex’s mother, Curtis can be seen with the other Order soldiers. While initially anonymous, he wields his signature weapon, the circular saw, and when he shouts orders to retreat once the shift to the Otherworld begins, his distinct, gravely voice can be heard.

Towards the end of the game, Alex has an encounter with the repairman on an elevator beneath the Order’s Church. At the time, Alex is wearing heavy mining gear typical of an Order soldier, and Curtis greets him as such. He monologues about enjoying his work, but now he’s found direction. He explains to Alex that it’s important to know who you are. When the elevator comes to a stop, Curtis motions for Alex to depart ahead of him. As he’s doing so, Curtis knocks him out with a hammer, not being fooled by the disguise.

Under the orders of Judge Holloway, Curtis, using a circular saw, sets about the task of killing Elle Holloway. Before he can complete this duty, however, Alex interrupts him. Turning his weapon on the young man, Curtis attempts to kill Alex, but does not survive the exchange.


Alex speaking to an indifferent Curtis.Seemingly a loner by choice, the player first encounters Curtis cloistered in his Junkyard. He’s found sitting at a bench, with a shotgun nearby and tinkering with his clocks. Curtis rarely ever tries to communicate with others by his own accord, save for one moment on the elevator. Curtis usually displays his disinterest in conversation with half-hearted grunts.
After completing his business with Alex, Curtis makes it quite clear he wants to be left alone, going so far as to threaten Alex’s life should he continue bothering him.
As evident by his actions throughout the course of the game, Curtis could be considered a homicidal maniac. However, since the motives for his actions are not known, judgment can only be based on what is seen. He does, however, display strong sociopathic tendencies, including his calm demeanor, disdain for social interaction, and detached acts of violence.

Sam Bartlett

Are you saying I’m a bad father? Who the hell are you to say that?! I did the best I could for him… You don’t know anything about my son!
—Sam Bartlett snapping at Alex

Sam Bartlett served as Mayor of Shepherd’s Glen during the events of Silent Hill: Homecoming. His great-great grandfather was a founding member of the town. It’s said that, when running for mayor, Sam did so unopposed. This was probably because it was his birth right and his responsibility as a descendant of the Bartlett family.


Mayor Bartlett was once a respected figure in the community. He was the father of Joey Bartlett, a friend of Alex Shepherd’s brother, Joshua. He loved his son dearly, and would purchase everything Joey wanted in order to ensure his happiness.
During the Shepherd’s Glen 150th Anniversary Celebration, Bartlett was also the dunkee of the dunk tank.


The Mayor is first witnessed as a figure in Rose Heights Cemetery, simply digging up old graves. It isn’t until Alex’s first, true journey into the town of Silent Hill, that Mayor Bartlett is actually interacted with.
It’s within the Otherworld’s version of the Grand Hotel’s Atrium that Alex confronts Sam and asks him about the location of his brother. The answers Alex receives vary on what the player asks, but the end of the conversation, and ultimately the end of the story, remains the same.

Not receiving a straight answer to his liking, Alex presents Mayor Bartlett with the broken watch he found in the Bartlett Mausoleum and asks him about his son, Joey. According to Alex both Joey and Joshua were friends, and the two may be together. Bartlett takes the watch and tosses it to the ground in drunken disdain, where it is absorbed by the soil. The entire Atrium begins to shake and Sepulcher, a demonic monster manifestation of Joey Bartlett, appears. Sam begs for mercy and is crushed to death.

Through the course of the game, it’s revealed that Bartlett buried his son alive as part of the Pact. This decree, placed upon the founding families of Shepherd’s Glen by the Order’s demonic God, was meant to protect Shepherd’s Glen from the corrupting influence that holds sway over the neighboring town of Silent Hill. The Bartlett family was ordered to offer their sacrifice to the Earth, hence their children are buried alive.

Martin Fitch

Don’t you TOUCH me! I bleed out the sin, but it grows back. So I must let it out everyday!
—Martin Fitch frustrated over Scarlet’s death

Doctor Martin “Doc” Fitch is a character from Silent Hill: Homecoming and a descendant of one of the founders of Shepherd’s Glen, and is tied to the pact required to keep the influence of the Order from pervading the town. As part of this pact, he was required to kill his daughter, Scarlet, by dismembering her (as stated when Alex Shepherd inspects the Fitch family altar). This led to him losing his sanity, and resorting to self-mutilation.


Dr. Fitch was regarded as a local hero in Shepherd’s Glen due to his brave actions during an accident many years ago. In 1993, a freak thunderstorm washed a school bus into the Toluca River. The normally placid river, swollen by nearly a week of record-breaking rainfall, had become a raging torrent and was running almost fifteen feet higher than normal. Fitch had just finished a house call and was on his way back to the office, driving directly behind the school bus when the road suddenly collapsed and the bus pitched into the roaring river below. Managing to stop in time, Doctor Fitch got out of his car, braved the downpour, and ran alongside the river for a quarter of a mile before the bus finally became lodged under Hope Bridge.
Without a thought for his own personal safety, Doctor Fitch jumped into the river and swam towards the bus. After breaking the rear window, he climbed inside to assess the situation. Though all of the 2nd and 3rd grade students were without major injury, 8-year-old Alex Shepherd was unable to move, his leg trapped by the partially crumpled front of the vehicle. Doctor Fitch knew that if Alex didn’t drown, the cold waters of the Toluca River would put him into cold shock as his core temperature plummeted and he succumbed to hypothermia. Fitch quickly stripped off his shirt; taking a hold of the boy, he wrapped his arms as tightly as he could around him, and then waited for the rescue crews to reach them.

It took the fire crews nearly four hours to finally free Alex from the wreckage of the school bus. During the entire time he was trapped in the bus, Doctor Fitch never left his side. For his feat of bravery the City council gave their highest award to Doctor Fitch, along with the Key to the City.


Alex first encounters Dr. Fitch in the street after the Sewers level, limping, frightened, bleeding, and wielding a scalpel. He leaves a large blood trail behind him and also at the place where Elle mysteriously disappeared. Alex confronts him, but Alex is warned to stay away from him, and he runs into his office, where Alex follows.

Inside the office Alex finds a makeshift ‘bedroom’ seemingly for his daughter, Scarlet. Inside the bedroom Dr. Fitch has arranged Scarlet’s personal belongings and dolls, showing the depth of his love for his daughter. In Dr. Fitch’s back office, Alex can find a letter from a Doctor Slater, the Chief Resident of the Psychiatric Department of Alchemilla Hospital, stating that Fitch has been missing his appointments, and that constant contact would ensure a ‘speedy recovery’.
Alex next runs across Fitch after descending into the final level of his personal ‘Hell’, made up of grates, boilers, fans, and hospital signs. He is mutilating himself with the scalpel, proving that perhaps, Fitch is regretting the death and murder of Scarlet, and has been visiting Dr. Slater for psychological assistance.

After a conversation with Alex, where Alex gives Fitch Scarlet’s doll, his wounds begin to bleed profusely and her doll drops into his blood, morphing into the second boss monster, Scarlet, a monstrous representation of his daughter in the form of the dolls that she loved so much. She lifts Fitch as she stands to her staggering height, where Fitch begs for her forgiveness. Scarlet seems to cradle Fitch momentarily, perhaps showing some compassion that she might have left for him, but then promptly bites his head off, tossing his limp body away to turn her wrath on Alex.

Travis Grady


20120512-192654.jpgAlex thanking Travis for the ride.

Having only a brief cameo in Silent Hill: Homecoming, it is Travis who gives Alex Shepherd a lift home to Shepherd’s Glen. Interestingly enough, Travis left Silent Hill in the normal world, but was once again in the Fog World as he drove Alex to his hometown (although it’s possible that he, just like Laura, only saw the Real World, not the Fog World). The reasons for this are unknown.
Also, despite being years older, Travis still has the same style in clothing, as he sports a vest and flannel shirt. He also sports a full beard. He seems to have some friendship with Alex, who he believes is a soldier. This may symbolize, along with him still being a trucker, that Travis has not moved on from his past and that he is still tormented.

Elle Holloway

Look, I didn’t say it before, but I’m glad you’re back. I feel safer with you here.
—Elle to Alex Shepherd

Elle Holloway is an important character in Silent Hill: Homecoming. She is an old school friend of Alex Shepherd and the daughter of Margaret Holloway. She survives the initial attacks on their hometown of Shepherd’s Glen, and on occasion succeeds in meeting up with Alex on his journey, becoming similar in her overall role as Maria’s was to James Sunderland (though Elle is real whereas Maria was a manifestation).


Alex meets Elle outside the Shepherd’s Glen Police Station, stapling fliers to the missing persons board. While evidently pleased to see Alex, she expresses some negativity with him having left so suddenly, and being equally surprised to see him return. Elle gives Alex the radio before he heads off.
The second time Elle is seen in the game is just outside of the Police Station after Alex is taken into custody by Wheeler. When Alex saves her by fighting off a Siam, Elle suggests they might be safer underground as they are surrounded by monsters in the parking lot. Once inside the sewers Alex discovers Elle’s little sister Nora has gone missing along with the other children. Alex assures Elle they will find Nora and Josh before they head off in search of a way out of the sewers. Elle goes missing before they can find a way out of the sewers leaving behind her radio.

Elle isn’t seen again until after Alex escapes his home. She is on the boat when Alex and Wheeler head to Silent Hill. She gives Alex her locket which she states “I took it from my mother the morning Nora disappeared. I haven’t taken it off since.” Before they can dock the boat, the Order Soldiers capture Elle and Wheeler while Alex is knocked off the boat.
Elle is finally seen being terrorized by Curtis Ackers in the underground part of the Church. Alex saves her and she assists him as far as finding Wheeler in the underground.

Should the player receive the “Good Ending” Alex is seen coming out of the sewers at the same time Elle makes her way onto the road. After several hugs and a brief conversation Elle assists Alex out of Silent Hill.

Should the player receive the “UFO Ending” Alex and Elle become beamed up by the alien spaceship while Wheeler witnesses the whole scene.

Possible romance with Alex??

Throughout the game Alex and Elle give hints to possible hidden feelings aside from just high school friendship. Here are some examples:
*When Alex first meets Elle as she’s stapling up fliers, they launch themselves into a very heart warming hug that suggest more than old friendship. It seems at any given chance they touch each other affectionately, Example: Meeting, Sewers, Outside the Shepherd Residence, The Boat Scene, The “Good Ending.”
*When Alex states he is leaving after finding Josh, Elle appears hurt. She also appears hurt that he is more interested in finding his brother than talking to her.
*On the boat to Silent Hill, Alex says to her “I’m glad some things have gotten better since I left,” in which Elle looks at him in a way that suggests more than friendship.
*Alex seems to become violent when Elle is in danger; for example, when they are in the lair beneath the Church, he kills Curtis to prevent him from hurting her.
*At the end of the game in the “Good Ending,” Alex and Elle embrace very romantically.
*There are several romantic implications in Elle Theme, such as the line, “It feels good, just holding you.”

Margaret Holloway

Don’t you see? Because of him, our sacrifices were in vain!
—Margaret to Alex, regarding his father

Margaret Holloway was a judge who lived and worked in the town of Shepherd’s Glen. Shown to be the driving force behind the disappearances of a great many residents of Shepherd’s Glen, she is one of Silent Hill: Homecoming’s two antagonists, the other being Curtis Ackers. Both of them represent the series’ primary antagonistic force the Order, Silent Hill’s resident cult. She is shown to have great respect from other townspeople, but her daughter resents her for her laconic attitude to parenting.


The main antagonist of Silent Hill: Homecoming and the mother of both Elle and Nora, Judge Holloway is, in fact, a descendant of one of the original founders of Shepherd’s Glen. As a Holloway, she is tasked as the Keeper of Lore, as ordained by her family’s pact with God. Holding to her duties to the best of her abilities, it is when things in Shepherd’s Glen begin to go horribly wrong that she takes it upon herself to attempt to correct the misdeeds that have occurred. To accomplish this, she has revived the Order.


First encountered shortly after Alex Shepherd returns home, she seems surprised at his return, and she lets him know that their hometown hasn’t been changing for the better. She then insists he head home, saying she’ll, perhaps, see him later. When Deputy Wheeler and Alex come upon her in Overlook Penitentiary, Alex ushers Judge Holloway out of the chamber they find her in, just as Asphyxia kidnaps Wheeler. She flees the chamber with a smile on her face, and latches the door shut behind her.
Ultimately, she is killed in conflict with Alex. After he is taken to the Order’s lair by Curtis Ackers, the judge and a detained Alex enter into a heated conversation wherein Judge Holloway reveals her motives and the real reason for the decay of Shepherd’s Glen. Her truly evil nature is also shown when she reveals to Alex that Elle is also undergoing the same treatment he is facing. She then attempts to rectify Adam Shepherd’s shortcoming by torturing and killing Alex. She meets her well-deserved death instead, when the drill she was using to torture Alex is driven through her jaw into her skull.


During her final confrontation with Alex, much of Margaret’s true nature is exposed. She claims that the protection of her family had always been her first priority. So much so, that the sacrifice of her daughter Nora was a worthy price to pay. When Adam fails to fulfill his portion of the Pact, Margaret turns to the Order as a means of salvation. She has the residents of Shepherd’s Glen abducted in order to either convert them back into followers of the Order, or to kill them; however, this apparent concern over faith is clearly a ruse, as it states very clear that she is willing to murder her only remaining daughter due to her disobedience.
While the other parents were believers as she was, they all suffered some sort of remorse and repent over the murders of their own children. Isaac Shepherd himself stated on his tomb that if there was any justice at all God should never forgive him, for although they did what they did in order to protect the town, it doesn’t remove the guilt over such an act. Not only is Margaret absent of this remorse, she also demonstrates a certain taste in ordering and developing extraordinarily cruel tortures for those who refuse to accept the teachings of the cult before finally killing them (Lillian Shepherd, Wheeler, Elle) and (almost) Alex.
She is indifferent about her actions and apathetic for the suffering of others. As the only remaining leader of Shepherd Glen’s sect of the Order, she rules with an iron fist and fear. Her simple concern over faith actually hides her true desires to maintain order and control over all and everything according to her own visions and selfish ideals. Based on all these aspects she can be considered a psychopath, due to her egotistical vision of the world as well as her sadism in getting rid of those deemed unworthy.

Robbie the Rabbit

20120512-193841.jpgAlex offering Robbie to Joshua.

In Silent Hill: Homecoming, he is once again a doll. Alex Shepherd is required to retrieve the doll, which is stated to be a toy belonging to his brother, Joshua. When Alex asks what Josh is doing there, Josh says that he is looking for Robbie, which he has lost. It is here he poses as an interactive obstacle; failure to pull him correctly from a bloody hole in the wall results in Alex’s arm being severed. But after Alex retrieves Robbie, Josh runs away. He makes a reappearance later as a key to opening a door. The doll is not the instigator of these events, however.

Adam Shepherd

Do you remember when I told you sometimes you must do things, and not ask why? Well, this is one of those times.
—Adam, giving the family ring to Joshua.

Adam J. Shepherd is a character in Silent Hill: Homecoming. Adam is Alex and Joshua’s father, and Lillian’s husband.


A former military man (a Colonel in the Army and stationed at Ft. Bragg), Adam was the sheriff of Shepherd’s Glen, and descendant of Isaac Shepherd, one of four Silent Hill residents to settle Shepherd’s Glen, more than 150 years prior to the game.
Throughout the course of events in Shepherd’s Glen and Silent Hill, the Shepherd’s connection to the Order is revealed, as is their role in the ritual that demands a sacrifice every 50 years to satisfy their God. However, after finding a letter from his father, Alex learns of his father’s decision to confront Silent Hill, and disregard the sacrifice in order to save Shepherd’s Glen.

Throughout his children’s childhood, Adam was viewed as the disciplinary figure of the Shepherd household and showed a peculiar favoritism for Joshua over Alex. This can be seen in Alex’s house upon returning home as there are virtually no photos of Alex throughout the house, as well as the cassette tape that Alex finds in the answering machine in the kitchen. The tape contains a recording of Adam coming upon the boys as they imagine they are recording a radio program. Yelling at Alex and forcing him to leave the room, Adam then berates Joshua for taking part in what he perceives to be foolish make-believe. Adam then proceeds to explain to Joshua that it would be best to let Alex hang out with his own friends, and that if Joshua ever needed a friend, he should come speak to his father and consider him a friend instead of Alex.


When Alex arrives home, his mother simply comments that Adam went “looking for Joshua.” Alex unknowingly first finds his father in a confession booth in the Church of the Holy Way, where he confesses (to someone he believes to be a priest, but is actually Alex) that he loved both of his sons and did not want to lose either of them to the sacrifices required by the cult. He admits to treating Alex badly because he knew he would be sacrificed. Thus not wanting to become attached and lessening the blow when the time came. Alex’s choice to forgive or not affects the game’s ending.

He is later seen in the same church, strapped to columns in front of the Order’s lair. He then explains that Alex was not in a war and was merely delusional after his brother’s death. Because of his mental condition, Alex was instituted in a mental ward. Alex, in disbelief, does not believe his father, to which his father does not blame him. After apologizing to Alex for his horrible childhood, he is executed by the Bogeyman, tearing him in half with his Great Knife.
Near the game’s conclusion, Alex learns of Adam’s decision to offer him as the family’s sacrifice, but whose eventual failure to do so lead to the events that cursed Shepherd’s Glen. It is here that Adam reveals to his son that despite Alex’s memories of being treated badly by his parents, his father had always loved him, just as his mother revealed just before her death. However, knowing that they had to sacrifice their son, they had to make the hard decision to not show Alex any love, in fear of finding the sacrifice too difficult to make. It’s through irony that the events occurred regardless of this detachment.

In the Drowning ending, Alex awakens in the bathroom and his father, Adam, appears and says that Joshua can continue the legacy and then he proceeds to drown Alex. This shows that Joshua is alive, and Alex, shouting no, is sacrificed. This could possibly show Alex’s insanity.

Alex Shepherd

Where’s… my… BROTHER?!
—Alex, snapping at Sam Bartlett

Alex Shepherd is the protagonist of Silent Hill: Homecoming. Alex is a soldier who comes home to find that his father, and later his brother, Joshua, have disappeared, and his mother has gone into a catatonic state. Alex begins to search for his brother, leading him through his hometown of Shepherd’s Glen and ultimately to Silent Hill.


The player is first introduced to Alex in a hospital, where he starts his search for his younger brother, Joshua. Every time he reaches out to his brother and gets closer to him however, Joshua runs away. He eventually wakes up in the passenger seat of a truck being driven by Travis Grady, who is giving Alex a ride to Shepherd’s Glen, Alex’s hometown.
When Alex makes it to Shepherd’s Glen, he realizes the town is covered in a foggy atmosphere, and parts of the road are missing and have fallen apart. On the way home, he runs into Margaret Holloway, the mother of Elle Holloway. She acts surprised to see Alex, and tells Alex he should go visit his mother. When he makes it home, his mother, Lillian Shepherd, is in a near-catatonic state, and tells him that his father, Adam Shepherd, has gone to look for Joshua. Alex then tells his mother he promises to bring Joshua back. While doing this, he takes a gun from his mother’s lap. He then hears a sound coming from the basement, where he soon discovers that the monsters from his nightmares are, in fact, real. Alex comes to his father’s hunting room and has a flashback of his father stopping him from coming in, shouting at him to never enter that room again. Alex then proceeds to leave the house.

Eventually, Alex runs into his old childhood friend, Elle Holloway, outside of the police department. She informs him that many other people in the town have started to go missing, and is seen putting up missing posters. When he tells her he is going to go look for his brother, she hands him the radio Deputy Wheeler gave to her, so they can keep in contact. While searching in a graveyard near Alex’s house, Alex goes to a repair/junk shop owned by Curtis Ackers, and asks if he could fix the gun he took from his mother. He eventually trades in his gun for a newer gun, and learns that all of the clocks stopped at 2:06 everywhere in the town, and cannot be fixed.
When Alex goes to the Grand Hotel, he runs into Mayor Sam Bartlett, whom he saw earlier at the cemetery (but did not know it at the time), partly drunk. Bartlett’s son, Joey, used to be friends with Joshua. Alex attempts to gain information from Bartlett, but a monster, Sepulcher, comes out and attacks Bartlett, crushing and killing him. When Alex fights and defeats Sepulcher, a hole appears in the floor, and he collapses into it. He awakens later in a prison cell and meets Deputy Wheeler. He tells Wheeler that he is looking for Joshua and tells him what happened to Bartlett. Deputy Wheeler eventually agrees to help Alex escape and find Joshua after learning that Alex too has seen the monsters. Wheeler becomes separated from Alex as a Siam drops through the ceiling. When Alex escapes the jail, he sees Elle being attacked by yet another Siam. After rescuing her, they realize more creatures are coming and both decide to go into the sewers. Alex learns that Elle’s sister, Nora Holloway, is also missing. Eventually, they both end up separated, and Alex makes it out of the sewers.

Alex receives a radio transmission from Wheeler, telling him to find and meet up with Dr. Martin Fitch. Alex ends up running into Dr. Fitch, who is covered in cuts and blood. Alex follows him into the clinic and enters the room of Scarlet Fitch, Dr. Fitch’s daughter. When Alex picks up Scarlet’s doll, it begins to deteriorate, losing its hair and eye, and then the room turns into the Otherworld — a rusted and bloody place. Here, he sees Joshua a few times and eventually runs into Dr. Fitch again. Dr. Fitch is seen cutting himself to “repent for his sins.” Alex hands Dr. Fitch Scarlet’s doll. Dr. Fitch looks at it and starts to ask Alex where he found his daughter’s doll, when suddenly the doll looks at Dr. Fitch, causing all of his cuts and scars to bleed profusely. Dr. Fitch drops Scarlet’s doll into his pool of blood creating a monster in the likeness of Scarlet. It appears and attacks Dr. Fitch, biting his head off. Alex eventually kills it, and reawakens in the normal clinic, to find that a key was hidden in the doll he found in Scarlet’s room.

Alex then heads to the Town Hall, and unlocks a secret passageway. While sneaking through the passage and avoiding the Nurses who are guarding the area, Alex finds a ceremonial dagger. The dagger looks like the door handle from Adam’s hunting room. When he enters the hunting room back in his house, he finds a key to the attic. Alex goes up to the attic, and has a flashback of his father giving Joshua the family ring. The ring was passed down generation from generation, and was supposedly very important. Joshua was told not to show anyone, not even his brother Alex. After the flashback, Alex finds a note written by his father, saying that he was told he had to choose just one of his sons for something unknown. It also mentions the town of Silent Hill.

Alex intends to confront his mother about the note and of Silent Hill. Before his mother can answer his questions, a group of masked people, soldiers of the Order, come and attack Alex and kidnap his mother. As the Order members are in the process of escaping, the door locks itself, and it transforms into the Otherworld. At this point, Alex comes to, and realizes this. In order to escape, Alex has to complete four different puzzles, all of which involve his family’s past and the personal guilt of all his family members.
After the puzzle, the house returns to normal, and Alex escapes, only to run into Elle, and eventually Wheeler. They agree to go to Silent Hill to find everyone. On the way there, via boat on Toluca Lake, Alex mentions how his and Elle’s parents told them to never go to Silent Hill. Elle tells Alex she was wearing a locket she took from her mother’s room since her sister vanished. She hands it to Alex, and the boat gets ambushed by the Order. The Order kidnaps Elle and Wheeler and sends them to the penitentiary, while Alex gets knocked unconscious again, and washes ashore near Silent Hill after he slips into the water. After this, Alex attempts to save both Elle and Deputy Wheeler, running into Wheeler along the way. Still looking for Elle, he eventually discovers his mother strapped to a stretching rack, in the process of being tortured. Depending on whether Alex kills Lillian or not, out of mercy, will affect the ending. If he chooses to kill her, Alex will shoot her before the machine rips her in half; if he does not, she will be alive as the machine rips her in half.

Alex meets back up with Wheeler and they enter the Otherworld. They eventually find Judge Holloway, strapped to a chair that the two men believe is about to be used to perform a dosage of lethal injection. They try to save her, with Alex unstrapping her as Wheeler goes to shut off the gas lines. However, Wheeler gets attacked by a monster, Asphyxia. While Alex proceeds to help Wheeler, it is shown that Judge Holloway was not really scared, but had a devious intent. After Alex defeats Asphyxia, he sees Joshua, who runs outside to the church. While there, Alex enters a confessional booth, and is told a confession from a man, most likely Adam Shepherd, Alex’s father. He tells how they (Alex’s parents) feel sorry for always mistreating Alex, and that they really did love him, but they could never show him that love. Alex tries to tell Adam he is sorry, but Adam explains to Alex that he was never a soldier, and that the dog tags and jacket Alex wears are from Adam’s own previous duty. He further adds that Alex’s delusion of himself as a soldier began after an accident of some kind. Alex then sees Pyramid Head, whom he knows as the Bogeyman of Silent Hill, slice Adam in half. Passing through the church, Alex enters a mine shaft and disguises himself in an abandoned Order uniform. He enters an elevator, where he is surprised to see Curtis Ackers also there. They take the elevator down as Curtis chats nonchalantly with him. As the elevator stops, Curtis allows him to go first and clobbers him over the head, knocking him out.

Alex reawakens in a room, where he is locked to a chair. Judge Holloway appears, and informs him as to the intent of the Order, and that the true reason the children were missing was because of a ritualistic sacrifice. She then tells Alex that the founding fathers, from the four families: Fitch, Bartlett, Holloway, and Shepherd, were all from the town of Silent Hill. They were allowed to leave the town under one condition – they had to sacrifice one child from each family every fifty years. In doing so, they would protect Shepherd’s Glen from the terrors that Silent Hill suffers from, due to the wrath of their god through an appeasement of blood. Though the other sacrifices were made from three families, one family, Shepherd, did not sacrifice their child. Adam never sacrificed either of his sons, thus throwing off the Order. The only thing left was to go back to their original views and back to Silent Hill. Holloway said they needed to kill the town’s people who opposed the change — specifically Alex, Elle, and Wheeler. She then attempts to kill Alex using a power drill, and succeeds in causing mild damage to his left thigh, only to die when Alex’s restraints fail, and he forces the drill through her jaw. Alex later admits to being glad she died after all that she did.

Alex rescues Elle from the facility and kills her intended murderer, Curtis. They work their way through the Order’s Lair to find Wheeler severely injured, having had several knives stuck in his chest. Saving him is another option that will affect the ending, requiring the use of a medical kit if chosen to save him. Alex proceeds to find Joshua, leaving Elle behind, and enters a room with the four family tombs with the list of the children who were to be sacrificed. According to the list of children that were supposed to have been sacrificed for the 150th anniversary of Shepherd’s Glen, the children were Scarlet Fitch, Joey Bartlett, and Nora Holloway (Elle’s missing sister). Alex then realizes his name is also listed as well, and experiences a flashback about Joshua.

Alex was never really a soldier in the Army as believed. For about four years, he has been in a mental institution, instead of a hospital for war injuries. He then learns what really happened to Joshua: one night, Alex decided to sneak out with Joshua on a boat on Toluca Lake, disobeying his father’s orders. Alex teased Joshua, provoking Joshua to show Alex the ring. Alex attempted to take the ring from Joshua, but in doing so, Joshua hit his head on the side of the boat and fell unconscious into the lake. Adam had retrieved Joshua’s body from the lake, and Alex went into mental shock, leading him to believe he could fix the problem. Adam then tells Alex there is nothing he can do, and as he was the one who had been chosen for sacrifice, he had ruined everything for Shepherd’s Glen with the pact being broken. Alex’s parents sent him to a mental institution and lied to everyone, telling them that he instead joined the Army.
After a flashback, Alex realizes why his parents were always cold towards him, and he is thrown again into the Otherworld. He is confronted by the final boss, Amnion – a cruel representation of his younger sibling. After defeating the monster, Alex cuts Amnion open and finds the corpse of his brother, Joshua. Alex finally has the chance to apologize to Joshua, and does so, leaving the family ring and his flashlight on Joshua’s chest. He walks away, leaving Joshua’s body. What happens to him after this point depends on what ending the player receives.

Joshua Shepherd

I am the key… Find me, and everything changes…
—Joshua, in one of the game’s trailers.

Joshua “Josh” Shepherd is Alex Shepherd’s brother and only sense of stability after what has happened to his mother and father. When Alex returns to Shepherd’s Glen he finds his younger brother missing, leaving Alex to find him, hoping not to lose the one last thing he cherishes.
Joshua continues a tradition just as Cheryl Mason from Silent Hill and Mary from Silent Hill 2, as being the lost loved one the main character sets out to find.


Despite the partial favoritism of his parents and the age difference, it is implied that Joshua and Alex got along rather well; however, their differential treatment eventually affects both of them, Joshua feeling more guilt, and Alex, resentment. Joshua accepts the treatment and orders given to him and remains the center of attention in the family, as well as befriends the other children of Shepherd’s Glen. Joshua’s best friend was Joey Bartlett.
The Joshua that Alex chases through Shepherd’s Glen and Silent Hill behaves differently, however. Aside from constantly running from Alex he shows hesitation to interacting with him in any way, even when Alex brings the toy he asks for. He is usually absorbed in drawing and hiding, and appears to be communicating with Alex through his artwork.

Joshua loves toys and things related to the army. He enjoys tree houses, playgrounds, and fishing. Like Cheryl and Alessa Gillespie, he has a fondness for insects, and has a collection of beetles, centipedes and butterflies; his favorite arthropods are spiders. Joshua is also shown to have an artistic side, displayed by the many drawings that Alex can find throughout the game.


Joshua plays a key figure as Alex’s main focus for the majority of the game. Although Alex does find him in various locations, he is constantly running away from Alex, forcing him to give chase and find out what exactly has happened in Shepherd’s Glen. At other times, Joshua is seen silently watching Alex from a distance.
Joshua also leaves behind various clues in the form of photos and drawings, scattered throughout the game and usually hidden in some way.

Nearing the end of the game, as nothing is revealed of Joshua’s status previously, Alex learns that he has been deceased the entire time. The figure of Joshua that Alex constantly chases is actually a manifestation of the guilt Alex feels, and his repressed memories beginning to surface (somewhat similar to Silent Hill 2’s Pyramid Head or Maria). If one takes notice, no other character mentions Joshua’s status, or answers Alex’s inquiries about where he is (his mother simply states that she misses him).
Joshua’s death was the main plot driver in the game, but it isn’t revealed how he died until the end. The curse that befalls Shepherd’s Glen began when Alex inadvertently causes Joshua’s death by knocking him out of a boat, drowning him, as he was not meant to be sacrificed like Alex which results in the pact being broken. From the shock of his death Alex enters a state of denial and is later institutionalized for becoming mentally unstable. Upon realizing all this Alex faces Amnion, the manifestation of Joshua’s spirit and death, and finally makes amends for what he has done.

If the player achieves the Smile ending, a special scene will play. In first-person view, Alex enters his house and sees wet footprints leading up the stairs. He follows these into his and his brother’s bedroom. Inside, he finds a wet Joshua sitting on his bed with a camera who snaps a picture of him and laughs. The picture that emerges from the camera is the one of Alex found earlier in the game.
If the player achieves the Drowning ending, Alex awakens to find himself lying in his bathroom tub. Adam then walks overs to him, and tells Alex that “Joshua will be safe to carry on the family name.” What Adam means by this is left open to interpretation, and Joshua may or may not still be alive in this particular ending.

Lillian Shepherd

Your father and I… we loved you so much… but they said we could only choose one.
—Lillian to Alex, regarding her two sons.

Lillian Shepherd is a character in Silent Hill: Homecoming. She is the wife of Adam Shepherd and the mother to Alex Shepherd, the game’s protagonist, and Joshua Shepherd. Her family line is one of the four that founded the town of Shepherd’s Glen.


When Alex returns home, he finds his mother in a catatonic state. She tells him how everyone has gone and how she misses his brother. Alex soon discovers that she is in possession of a gun, which Alex takes from her. He promises her that he will find Joshua, which is apparently the only thing she can bring herself to talk about. Joshua’s whereabouts seem to be the only thing that matters to her at this point. At the end of the conversation, she refuses to talk to the player if interacted with. Instead, she merely asks Alex, rhetorically, if he is looking for Joshua.
Later in the game, Lillian is kidnapped by the Order and taken to Silent Hill. When Alex finds her in prison, she is bound to a crucifix-like device that is slowly stretching her body and killing her. In pain, she begs her son to kill her. The player must then make a choice on whether to shoot her to end her suffering, or to refuse and let her live through the pain of being ripped in half. The choice effects the ending the player receives.


It is learned after her capture and the truths of the town’s history are revealed that she and her husband had been unable to show affection or love towards Alex due to the knowledge that he would one day have to die. This explains the cold relationship they had with him, the seemingly preferential treatment they gave Joshua, and the lack of any emotion she displays at seeing him return.
After being questioned by Alex in regards to a note he had found, she is kidnapped by the Order and placed in solitary confinement. It is here, when Alex finally finds her tied to a crucifix-like machine which slowly stretches her body, that she shows remorse for her actions. She says she is sorry for the way they treated him, and explains to him that she and his father always wanted to love him. The pact with the Order, which forced them to sacrifice one of their children, was the only reason she couldn’t love them both, and had to choose one of them to die.

It is unknown if Lillian knows of Joshua’s death. She tells Alex that she misses Joshua, and that Adam went searching for Joshua. It is possible that Adam kept what happened to Joshua a secret from everyone for four years, including her, and had told her that Joshua was simply missing.

James Wheeler

Thank God, you’re alive. I was about to go looney tunes in this roach motel!
—Wheeler to Alex, in the Otherworld Prison.

Deputy James Wheeler is a police officer from Shepherd’s Glen who appears in Silent Hill: Homecoming.


Deputy Wheeler worked with Alex Shepherd’s father, Adam, prior to the events of Silent Hill: Homecoming. He is said to be fairly suspicious, skeptical, or even paranoid, and has conspiracy theories about cell phones being listened to by any number of shadow organizations. As more and more people from Shepherd’s Glen disappeared, Wheeler boarded up Shepherd’s Glen Police Station with Elle Holloway, a short while before the events of Homecoming.


Though Wheeler appears to be a fairly eccentric individual, he is open-minded to Alex’s attempts to convince him that Sam Bartlett died, that Alex was not his killer and even when Alex makes mention that it was a creature that killed the Mayor, remarking, “So you’ve seen the creatures too…”. First encountered in Shepherd’s Glen Police Station, Wheeler immediately teams up with Alex and attempts to assist him and Elle Holloway as they make their way to Silent Hill. However, Alex and Wheeler are soon separated by a Siam attack.

When Alex escapes from Hell House, Wheeler assists him by boating him to Silent Hill. On the way, Wheeler and Elle are abducted by Order Soldiers. When Alex reawakens, he discovers that the Order has imprisoned Wheeler in the Overlook Penitentiary. It turns out that the Order failed to take his walkie-talkie, and so Wheeler guides Alex through Silent Hill and the prison until he is eventually rescued in his prison cell by Alex. Later on, Wheeler and Alex discover Margaret Holloway but Wheeler is seemingly abducted by Asphyxia.
In the Lair of the Order, Wheeler is found strapped to a chair with multiple knives embedded in his chest. At this point, his life is put in the hands of the player near the end of the game when Alex is given the choice to save Wheeler’s life with a medical pack or to keep it for himself. It’s unclear what becomes of Wheeler should Alex choose to save him; it’s only suggested he survives the ordeal and lives to tell the tale. If he is saved, Alex tells Elle to leave the Lair with Wheeler.

During the UFO Ending, Wheeler is seen coming out of the building as Alex and Elle are beamed up into the space craft. It becomes a joke that Wheeler knew the aliens were taking people away all along.


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