Silent Hill: Origins – Monsters


Ariels are puppets that appear in the Artaud Theater in Silent Hill: Origins. They hang upside down from the ceiling and attack by grabbing and choking Travis Grady. Instead of feet they have another pair of hands, holding onto the strings they hang from. Attacking one will result in knocking it down, where it will then stand on its hands and begin to ‘kick’ instead. As they are made from fragile porcelain they are quite weak, but they can be tricky when dealt with in numbers or in confined spaces.


The name “Ariel” is derived from the servant character of the same name from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest which Alessa Gillespie saw at the Artaud Theater. As their feet are hands, holding onto the strings, they could symbolize that they are in control, and that they can let go of the strings that bind them; unlike Travis, where the memories of his father still linger. It is likely that the theme of ‘hanging puppets’ bares resemblance to Richard Grady’s death.


Ariels often work in pairs or threes. They can be easily avoided by turning off the flashlight, but beware of making loud noises in their presence. However, they can still be difficult to avoid in narrow corridors. After being struck down from the ceiling, they are stunned for a few moments, and completely defenseless. These moments are the best opportunity to kill them with a finishing move, crushing them easily.

Alessa’s Dream

Alessa’s Dream is given little characterization, beyond its savagery in battle. After Travis Grady completes the Flauros, he intervenes in a ritual being conducted by the Order within the Green Lion Antiques shop. After being sedated by Michael Kaufmann, Travis enters a nightmare-like state where he is forced to battle Alessa’s Dream, who may have been held prisoner within the Flauros.Dahlia Gillespie believes the demon, as long as it remains caged within the Flauros, is capable of amplifying her daughter Alessa’s psychic abilities.Alessa’s Dream behaves very similar to the Incubus from Silent Hill. It is quite powerful and should not be taken lightly. It attacks with highly powerful physical moves and demonic magic. It will try to slash at Travis when he gets close and follows him if he runs. The beast can open up its chest for a powerful, beam-like move and also call upon a damaging, flaming rain. It is advised that Travis dodge its attacks carefully and heal when needed. It’s best for the player to use their most hard-hitting firearms against it.↑ hide


It may represent the Order’s idea, as a collective, of what God could look like. It may also be Alessa’s fear of what God will turn out to be, or it could represent Travis Grady’s general perception of the Order and it members.It may also represent what Alessa thought would be trapped within the Flauros – upon being told by her mother that the Flauros was a “cage for a demon”, Alessa envisioned this demon, and the final boss is her perception of what it would look like.It may represent Travis’s own personal demon.However, according to Silent Hill, and Silent Hill 3, Dahlia has called Alessa the demon, suggesting that this creature might be the manifestation of what Dahlia thinks or sees of Alessa



The Butcher is a humanoid creature much like Pyramid Head in design, behavior, and function. He is well-built with a butcher’s apron which is almost completely covered in blood. He also wears a series of metal plates that cover the left half of his face and left shoulder. The other half of his face is fairly empty, save a deep hole where the ear would be on a human head, and resembles that of Valtiel. His trademark weapon is a heavily over-sized meat cleaver called the Great Cleaver.

The Butcher not only looks like Pyramid Head, but also behaves much like Pyramid Head does, with his frequent slaughtering of various monsters. However, unlike Pyramid Head, the Butcher does not emulate any sexual acts on his victims. Also, whereas Pyramid Head’s movement are very jerky and almost twitchy in nature, the Butcher’s movements are always fluid and controlled, giving him a much more calm and focused appearance than the other monster


The Butcher represents cruelty and sacrifice, particularly that of the Order. His calm, emotionless torturing and slaughtering of other monsters speaks of the Order’s tendency to murder and sacrifice human life for their worship. The Butcher also represents Travis’s inner rage and pent-up anger, and so is involved heavily in the Bad Ending. There are some that speculate that the Butcher may actually be Travis himself, as implied by the various voices heard during the Bad Ending, as well as by the description of the Butcher accolade. The helmet that covers half of his head could possibly symbolize a split personality. Travis is shown to be an animal lover, and would probably find a butcher repulsive; therefore it follows that his split personality would be his complete opposite, i.e. a “butcher” who kills animals. There is another possibility that states that the Butcher represents everything Travis fears about himself and/or everything he could become. The Butcher’s method of killing involves slicing through the reproductive organs of his victims, representing his anger associated with repressed sexuality, as truckers often find it difficult to sustain a steady or healthy love life.


It is very difficult to stay close to the Butcher and live, and the area he is fought in is extremely small (much to the frustration of many players), so it is wise to keep moving at all times. One strategy is to use all the throwable items salvaged up until that point, as they can cause small to moderate damage from a safe distance. Another is to use high-power firearms, making the shotgun a great weapon thanks to the small space. A combination of these strategies may be used to conserve ammo and items.Further increasing the danger of the Butcher is his AI, which causes him to change direction, depending on which way is closer, a factor that can prove deadly to the player. He also has massive quantities of health, making the fight generally long and tedious.Should the Butcher grab Travis and lift him into the air, a successful QTE will allow him to escape unharmed. However, the Butcher’s swipe with the Cleaver is much harder to avoid


Faceless Nurse

They are similar to the Bubble Head Nurse in appearance, though they wear slightly different clothing and, like the name suggests, lack any facial features. They appear to have a surgical mask fused into their faces, which is more noticeable in the PlayStation 2 version.The nurses wear long surgical gloves and their dress emphasizes their cleavage. They also wear thigh-length stockings held by suspenders.In Alchemilla Hospital, they appear lighter in color than the nurses in Cedar Grove Sanitarium. The nurses in the sanitarium are greener in color, as if they are rotting, and their faces are covered in bandages.↑ hide

Faceless Nurses are armed with scalpels and syringes much like a normal nurse would carry. They have a weak forward slash; their grappling move can damageTravis Grady sufficiently.Faceless Nurses are slow-moving and cannot see Travis if the flashlight is off. They can easily be beaten with any kind of melee weapon or even bare hands; however, they may try to grab Travis. If he is grabbed, Travis must throw them away as fast as possible, or else he will be pierced by the weapon


The Faceless Nurses represent Travis’s sexual anxiety. It is noted in the beginning of the game that Travis just doesn’t meet the “right girls,” and to make matters worse, truckers are known for having strained love lives (or none at all) due to their profession being so time consuming and fatiguing. The nurses twitch rather more spastically than other versions of the nurses, possibly hinting at Travis’s general nervousness around women



The Straightjacket is a shambling creature wrapped in flesh that appears inSilent Hill: Origins. It twitches violently and appears as if it is trying to break free of the flesh.The Straightjacket serves as a semi-boss near the ending portion of Alchemilla Hospital (after which Travis obtains the first piece of the Flauros) and, like thenurses, is capable of using a grappling move. They can be found in every area of the game.

While they initially appear nearly identical to the Lying Figures seen in Silent Hill 2, they lack the feminine features of those creatures and seem to be trapped in a straightjacket of skin (indicated by the notable folds and creases around their torsos) as opposed to the Lying Figure, which is simply trapped in stretched skin. They are also similar to the Armless Man from the film, though there are subtle differences between them as well. At the Artaud Theater, they are more bloodied than usual.

These creatures behave quite differently than the Lying Figures, such as spewing balls of acid while grappling rather than spraying it, as well as their ability to run at a surprising speed. They chase Travis Grady until he enters another room/building or kills them. Outside, if the player does not react quickly, Travis can easily be swarmed by an infinite number of spawning Straightjackets roaming the streets. They will also jump up and wrap their legs around Travis, and if the player fails to successfully throw off the creature, will spew acid into Travis’s face doing moderate damage. They are the most common and plentiful enemy in the game and are useful if one wishes to gain the “Butcher” ending.


The Straightjacket represents Travis’s mother’s stay in Cedar Grove Sanitarium, and his natural fear and disgust for madmen


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