Silent Hill: Orphan 3

Silent Hill: Mobile 3 is a mobile phone game released in 2010. It is a sequel to Silent Hill: Orphan and Silent Hill: Orphan 2.


Vincent is the playable character at the beginning and end of the game. He explores a mansion where he finds a room with butterflies on the wall and “A photo of a family, the parents and their two girls… Karen and Alessa’s family.” The clocks in the mansion have all stopped working since “the accident” 40 years before, a fire that Vincent started, leading to the events at the orphanage. It flashes back to Vincent’s childhood, where his father, Gary, told him to become a firefighter. He is upset and sets a fire.
Alessa’s sister, Karen, created the monsters in the game by murdering children in the orphanage 40 years ago. The monsters begin to appear in the normal world, showing that Karen has become more powerful.


In the middle part of the game, Emilie becomes the playable character. She was the only child that survived the murders at the orphanage, because she was sick and stayed away from the others. Alessa tells her she must save Vincent by killing herself with the holy knife.
After Emilie’s death, Vincent becomes the playable character again. Alessa reveals herself to be the “evil part of Alessa.” The murders at the orphanage were done to “wake her up.” She kept Vincent alive so she could use him to kill Karen. “Now everything is done, I will come soon and the only witness is you, a dying man.”


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