Sinners Reward Issue 3


Sinner’s Reward, Issue 3 is the second part in IDW Publishing’s comic release based on Konami’s Silent Hill series. Jack Stanton and Sara Linwood continue the search for the missing Jillian Conway, and some great misdeeds come to light.


Jack saves Sara by shooting the monsters, which bear the humanoid faces of other people he has killed in the past. He gets Sara down from the cross, and she explains that she was with her parents before things turned dark and she became lost. Jack comforts the frightened girl and offers her a gun, but she refuses it, as she hates guns. The two head off to look for Jillian and, hopefully, Sara’s parents.
Finn Conway arrives at Charon’s Bar-B-Q and talks to the attendant, who lies that he hasn’t seen Jimmy Shea or the O’Conners. The old man does reveal that Jack and Jill stopped by, but claims not to remember where they went. When Finn pulls out his gun, the old man calmly lies that they were looking for a place to eat and that he pointed them to Silent Hill. Finn then leaves and heads to the town, where he finds Jack’s car and begins searching on foot.

Jack and Sara encounter the dog-like creatures from earlier and seek refuge. Jack comes across Brookhaven Hospital and, linking it to Jill’s nurse costume, heads inside with Sara. Jack soon hears someone screaming from the upper floors, though Sara doesn’t hear anything. He runs upstairs and finds Jill in a room full of dead monsters on gurneys. Jill tearfully explains that she tried to make things right by saving the “monsters,” which both she and Sara see as people.

Sara uncovers one gurney and finds her father and mother, dead with bullet holes in their foreheads. Jack becomes shocked to see the corpses. As her own forehead begins to bleed, Sara angrily tells him, “It was you!” A siren blares, and Jack passes out. A flashback reveals that shortly before running off with Jill, Jack carried out one last hit for Finn: Boston councilman Linwood and his wife. He shot them both in their house as they slept, but then ran into their daughter, Sara. Rather than leave a witness, Jack shot Sara in the head and left.

Jack awakens in the Otherworld and tries to leave with Jill, but she is resigned to the fate that Silent Hill has in store for her. With a group of monstrous Nurses behind her, the undead Sara coldly tells Jack that it’s “time to pay up.”


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